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Wedding hair help please!!!

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Superfizz Mon 16-Jan-17 12:30:54

I have recently booked a trial with a very well reviewed hairdresser for this month - wedding not until much later in the year.
I don't have my dress yet, but I am most probably wanting a backless dress.
Obviously because I haven't got my dress yet I don't really know what style I want but I just wanted to book in with her and have a trial ASAP so I know if I don't like her work then I still have time to find someone else!
What would you say is one of the more difficult hairstyles is to get right? I feel that if she can manage the most difficult then she will be able to do anything!

Hope this makes sense! I just want to look amazing for my hubby to be!

Fingermoose Mon 16-Jan-17 13:15:03

Honestly? Get your dress first and then you'll know what kind of hairstyle you want. So many brides end up with different dresses to what they'd imagined, so it'd be far better to do it that way around.

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