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Veil fascinator for wedding?

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SisterA Sun 09-Oct-16 13:39:53

Can I wear a fascinator that has a bit of a veil to a wedding like in the picture or is it inappropriate for a wedding?

I know it's black and not particularly bridal but I just don't know if it's a thing. Is it too 'veil?' I hope not. Cause it's cool.

Cathaka15 Sun 09-Oct-16 13:45:02

I really like the veil part too. I had one very similar for my cousins wedding. Had lots of compliments.
Also It depends what you wear it with it.

Meltingrocks Sun 09-Oct-16 13:47:42

I wore a flowery fascinator with a birdcage veil as my veil for my wedding, so it might be worth checking what the bride is wearing.

LucyLot Sat 15-Oct-16 08:55:50

It's not at all bridal I really like it go for it.

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