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Wedding and savings

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Ashleytho1987 Sun 02-Oct-16 16:29:08

Hi me and my hubby to be are planning to marry, we are booking our venue next month! We are both saving £200 each a month so all in £400 but I find my struggling each month, I have spoke to him about it don't need to be pricey but he don't want a church or registry office or holiday to get married, I just find venue packages a bit too much and I'm worried to 2018 I'm going to be skint, they are all beautiful its all too much money and I know it will be a venue, anyone know of packages all in for £5000 including accommodation for me and him, and food music cars?

Cupcakesarah Sun 02-Oct-16 16:40:06

I can't tell you of specific packages, but generally venue packages are cheaper during the week, or off season- oct/Nov/March etc... Or you sometimes can get very cheap deals last minute...
Also look at who you want to invite... 50 people for ceremony and buffet will obviously be cheaper than sit down meal for 60, the evening for 120!

annielostit Mon 03-Oct-16 09:53:56

Look around at hotels & venues in your area.
There can be packages off season that are quite reasonable.
Local to us you can get 50 day +75 evening including lunch buffet & entertainment for £3k.
Remember what's & who's important. ££££ on flowers, photos or people?? What do you both want. It can take a lot of thinking.

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