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Alternatives for evening receptions

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Fedupwithknowitalls Tue 27-Sep-16 17:37:52

Fiancé and I are starting to plan our wedding day, hopefully later next year. I don't like being the centre of attention, which will be difficult I know!, and so we have agreed that a wedding with only select friends and close family is more our scene. We'll still have about 50 guests for the meal.

We're stuck on what do do after the meal. Some guests will be travelling a distance and so it seems rude to curtail things after the meal, but neither of us wants a band or dj. Could I ask what others in this situation did? Thanks.

Pineapplemilkshake Tue 27-Sep-16 20:25:21

I'm having a wedding like yours, only smaller. DP and I plan to leave after the meal, around 9pm or so, for our hotel.

His family are all travelling to the wedding but staying in a different nearby hotel - I imagine they will probably carry their own party on in the hotel bar.

Fedupwithknowitalls Tue 27-Sep-16 20:48:52

Thanks Pineapple. I guess if we put wording to this effect on the invite then it is up to guests whether they would like to attend or not. It's just not for us. I hope you have a lovely day.

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