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Help please- thomsons legal paperwork for wedding abroad

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Daydreamer3 Thu 14-Jul-16 17:46:13


Has anyone booked a wedding abroad through thomsons?

In process of filling out paperwork with our preferred dates and have some questions. Have tried contacting thomsons to no avail and would like to get sorted before I take paperwork back on sat so I don't have to go away again as I really want to secure the venue asap.

For the statutory declaration that's included do we need a signature to witness sign it at this stage? Can they be practising any type of law?

Also does anyone know if you can choose same date, different times for your preferred choices or if it does have to be three separate days?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)

Daydreamer3 Thu 14-Jul-16 17:53:57

**solicitor not signature!

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