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What I've learnt - just for lol's.

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xax1980 Thu 07-Jul-16 09:14:07

I'm getting married in 6 weeks and here's what I've learnt... (Could come in handy newly engaged girlies)

1: You're going to offend someone if you don't invite children. Probably the least likely member of your wedding party.
2: You'll become a big paranoid mess. Who am I upsetting by not inviting to the day etc etc. Will Uncle George mind sitting next to mad Aunty Irene?! Will anyone want to sit next to mad Aunty Irene?
3: Never invite the overseas relatives that you've never met under the premise they "won't come" and that "it'll be a nice gesture to invite them" (so said the MIL) Turns out they're all coming. All 20 Irish relatives at £147 per head. Yay!
4: If you're are having family/friends children to the day, every girl under 10 will expect to be asked to be a flower girl. Good luck with that.
5: Dietary Requirements opens the door for not only the true requirement, but the individuals choice too. "I'm a coeliac.. So that's no gluten for me.. Just so you know, I don't like fish or chicken and I haven't eaten pork since I was 5."
6: Whatever the MIL says about leaving you to it and allowing you the freedom to make your own choices, they will conveniently forget this and take over pretty much every wedding task known to man.
7: People don't reply. Hen do invites, stag do invites, day and evening invites.. Some people simply do not reply. I still can't quite get my head around that one.
8: The venue will want to control everything, but the Photogtapher will too.. and the caterers, the band, the toast master, the registrar.. It's like juggling 20 balls and trying the keep each one up in the air eg. Keeping them all happy. To photographer: Yes of course we can exit the venue at the door, the light is better I agree. Venue: No no, we don't usually do that, drinks will have to be served over there first so we can't use that door to exit. Ents: We'll start playing on the area over there near that door (a third door!) as the power is closer. Yay!
9: Family members will home make things for you. That is all.
10: Every woman in their 30s seems to be pregnant or having just fallen pregnant.
12: Licking envelopes makes you feel a bit sick after the first 3.
13: The wedding diet lasts approx 2 weeks. After that you'll convince yourself you're doing better and eating healthy and the strict regime of porridge and kale is surplus to requirements.
14: You will offend someone - did I say that already.
11: The important thing to realise is that NONE of the above is important and you must, enjoy the build up and look forward to marrying your lovely OH.

Congratulations all Brides-to-be's!!! xxx

CookieDoughKid Wed 31-Aug-16 22:32:34

Gawd...sounds like a nightmare but a lot of Lols definitely!

Good luck on your big day. Sincerely.

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