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Documents for giving notice of a marriage?

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badg3r Sat 11-Jun-16 01:02:17

Both DH to be and I have UK passports. Will we also need our birth certificates or will the passport be enough? Does anyone have experience of this? I should probably go to sleep and stop worrying about this just now...!

badg3r Sat 11-Jun-16 12:58:58

Anyone? Maybe should have also said, we are in England.

Loubylouchirino Sat 11-Jun-16 16:59:21

We gave our notice on Thursday. We needed passports to prove our nationality, driving licences to prove our address (but could have been a recent letter/bill) and I needed my Decree Absolute.

If you double check on your local councils website, there should be a list on there.

Janeymoo50 Sat 11-Jun-16 21:18:20

I got married two weeks ago. When we went back in Feb I just took my passport/driving icence and bank statement with name and address on.

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