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Chasingsquirrels Sun 15-May-16 00:01:15

DP and I are, hopefully, getting married in just over two weeks.

The hopefully bit is because just over a month ago, days after we gave our notices and booked the date, DP went to the doctors having been off colour for a few days, was referred for urgent throat cancer investigations, and has been diagnosed with advanced throat cancer which had spread to his liver. He has gone downhill rapidly over the last month and is now in hospital, hopefully they can sort him out in the short term and chemo should improve immediate and short term quality of life, but we know that his life is going to be seriously time limited.

His illness has obviously taken over our lives, and we hadn't really had time to sort anything about the wedding before the diagnosis.

So, if it's going to happen, which we are both hopeful about and looks possible at the moment, I need to sort some things.

On holiday in February we had an evening YouTube-ing possible songs, this was before we had set the actual date and didn't know much about the format etc.

We both liked the following;
One day like this - Elbow
Perfect Day - Kirsty MacColl (me) or Lou Reed (him)
Some Rod Stewart and some others I can't remember now.

I think we need around 5 mins for entry, 10 mins for signing and 5 mins for exit, but I need to check this on the paperwork so I was thinking the following;

Entry: Elbow - one day like this (4.25)

Travis - Magnificent Time (2.58). I first heard it just after the initial diagnosis and just can't get it out of my mind
Kirsty MacColl - Perfect Day (3.52)
Rod Stewart - have I told you lately that I love you (3.59)

Exit: Rod Stewart - I'll stand by you (4.30)

How do these sound? Any other suggestions given these? Are they too poignant given the situation? Anything else? I'll obviously need to let the registrars know so they can check wording, one of the Rod Stewart ones has the word pray in it, so I'm not sure if this will be allowed.


BlueberryJuice Sun 15-May-16 16:17:54

Where my heart will take me - Russell Watson, sorry for what your going through op flowers

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