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Busy bags / kiddie favours

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EnterFunnyNameHere Fri 13-May-16 17:24:01


we are getting married in October (squeeeee!) and are looking at favours as our current "thing" to get decided on...

We are going to have 5 kiddies invited, one of whom will be 3 1/2yrs, the other between 12-18 months. We were planning on getting them teddies instead of sweetie favours, except for the 3 1/2 yr old who will probably be up for a sweet or twenty two.

We are also thinking about kids play bags / busy bags / favours - by which I mean something that might help keep them occupied when sat at the table for a bit (sticker books, colouring pad things like that). We don't have any DC ourselves, and hence have no concept on at what age this might be useful...

So: for the little kiddies (12-18mths) would they get any benefit at all from activity things? Or at that age is it just stuff and they'll likely be snoozing anyway? And am I right in thinking at that age sweets are basically choking hazards to be avoided at all costs? confused

Many thanks for advice!

brightandshiney Fri 13-May-16 18:02:08


I agree that the 3 year old will like sticker books, pad and crayons, bubbles, craft set from somewhere like ELC, wilkos.

For the younger ones, you could get age appropriate picture books for them, happy land toys are popular with that age (from ELC) and are often on discount, little cars.

I would put snacks in as sometimes thats all that keeps little ones quiet. You can get nice healthy snacks by Ella's kitchen or small boxes of raisins and fruit bars from supermarket or Boots.

Hope that helps.

EnterFunnyNameHere Fri 20-May-16 11:07:27

Hi Brightandshiney

that does help a lot- thank you very much!

I hadn't thought of ELP, had been looking in John Lewis and Mothercare type places and not getting far (except confused). The ELP website is much better!

Also snacks are a good way around sweets, so thanks or that too smile

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