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Has anyone got married at Stonehenge?

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ParsleyCake Fri 06-May-16 19:44:31

And if so, who was the celebrant?

We are in talks with a celebrant called Mark Gutteridge (website and it all seems very professional but I am a little nervous as I havent met him in person, or spoken to him - it has all been over email. I am not too worried as he isn't even able to confirm the day of our booking till around August due to only being able to book with English Heritage a certain amount of time ahead of the event. I imagine we will talk by phone closer to the time at least.

But still, I am interested if anyone has any experience of being married by Mark Gutteridge - there doesn't seem to be a huge selection of celebrants that I could find on my google searches. I'm curious if anyone has been in a similar situation - booking a celebrant from afar - and how it went. Did you meet in person/speak on the phone before exchanging money?

We aren't pagan, if you are wondering, we are having a non religious ceremony, we simply thought it was a beautiful venue.

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