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Has anyone used Perfect Weddings Abroad?

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iwantthegroundtoswallowmeup Sun 10-Apr-16 18:15:47


I am hoping to get married next year in Cyprus and have seen the above website. I can't find many reviews online. Has anyone used them and can you recommend?

Also, has anyone here gotten married in Cyprus? Is there anything we should be wary of?

Many thanks

ZenNudist Sun 10-Apr-16 18:23:07

Try planet-holidays for Cyprus. They were very good I posted on this recently if you want to search my name.

I would be careful about ending up being one of several brides in a hotel for a week unless this doesn't bother you.

annielostit Mon 11-Apr-16 16:03:07

Do you know what where etc you want. We've checked out doing it via a hotel and its 30% cheaper.
Some hotels have more than 1 wedding a day.

iwantthegroundtoswallowmeup Tue 12-Apr-16 00:46:14

Hi thank you for your replies.

I am still considering it but I'm scared of missing something or something going wrong. Is that the route you took? Have you had the wedding yet?

annielostit Tue 12-Apr-16 14:55:33

Ive pm'd you.x

shoeaddict83 Tue 12-Apr-16 15:10:42

My best friend married in Cyprus last year, a gorgeous 5* hotel called Grecian Sands just outside of Ayia Napa. Not at all the 'party town' you expect, it was stunning. There were 3 different locations to have the ceremony and 4 i think for the reception and they only do 1 wedding a day which was the reason she chose it. She chose the cliff top ceremony then had the reception on the roof top terrace at sunset which was amazing. Only 20 of us went, but Best wedding ive been to by far. She used a local tour operator in our town, but was booked via Thompson holidays.

Kmod Wed 29-Jun-16 17:44:51

don't do ithat. Too much hassle and very poor communication. I get married this year and there's been nothing but problems . most staff are rude once you get past the sales part. disappointing!

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