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eBay veils

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YumLemonCheesecake Tue 22-Mar-16 21:18:55

Are the veils from China around £3 really that bad? £120 seems a lot to spend on a veil I realistically will only wear for an hour.
Anyone taken a punt?

Least my charges will loving dressing up if it is awful!

liquidrevolution Wed 23-Mar-16 11:35:09

I got my veil from a uk seller on ebay for £15 but this was 5 years ago and I can't see her there now. She does appear to have a facebook though. She was fabulous!

liquidrevolution Wed 23-Mar-16 11:35:59

ooh it is her, my wedding photo is on her page!

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 23-Mar-16 14:31:55

Have you looked on Amazon? I'm considering getting a veil for my wedding in June and came across loads while looking at dresses.

For my first wedding my sister got my veil from the shop I bought my dress. It cost an eye-watering amount and I took it off once the ceremony was over. It was beautiful, but you'll wear it such a short amount of time it's madness to spend loads on it.

I haven't looked on eBay but the reviews on Amazon are from people who say they tried veils on in bridal shops and the ones they ended up getting from Amazon were at least as good and hundredths of the price.

Worth a go if you can find one online at a good price.

Helloall1 Thu 24-Mar-16 19:32:11

I bought one for a couple of pounds from China, on eBay.

I expected it to be awful and only bought it so I could try hairstyle ideas and see if I could get used to wearing one, as initially I never wanted a veil. I was planning on throwing it away!!

When it arrived, I loved it. Double layer, gorgeous lace detailing and tiny pearls around the edges.

I took it with me for my dress fittings and the bridal shop couldn't believe it....they had similar styles for well over 150!! It looked gorgeous with my dress smile

It's worth a try, you've not lost much by giving it a go.

YumLemonCheesecake Fri 25-Mar-16 15:41:44

Thanks for all your help.

I will definitely look at the link and on amazon.

I just can't justify spending so much money on potentially just an hour.

eternalopt Sat 16-Apr-16 00:47:39

Got mine from deity bridal on eBay (google it and they have their own website now too). Fantastic quality. Loved it. Not £3, but definitely not wedding shop prices for the to the floor veils I loved.

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