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Hjb2410 Mon 21-Mar-16 22:08:46

Me and my partner are getting marrie july 2016, most things are sorted however im struggling with gifts. I'm not sure what to get bridesmaid and ushers as gifts? Let alone what to get my dad and nana as a gift or my partners family?

Any ideas on gift ideas and who do you have to buy for gift wise? I do like sentimental gifts but falling stuck


indecisivedoctor Mon 21-Mar-16 22:31:12

I got my dad plain cuff links but engraved with Father of the Bride and the date. Got my mum earrings. Tbh I think champagne or flowers nice for bridesmaids.

Helloall1 Tue 22-Mar-16 19:29:55

I prefer personalised gifts as keepsakes.

For my bridesmaid I got an engraved photo frame to put a picture of us in, from the day and a pearl bracelet with an engraved thank you message on, which she chose to wear on the day.

We also did personalised glass charms for each person on the top table, amongst other things.

It doesn't have to be anything in particular, go with what you feel will work.

And congratulations flowers

AnneLovesGilbert Wed 23-Mar-16 14:34:43

I got pendants for my bridesmaids, a set of beautiful plates for my Mum that I knew she'd love and could use and enjoy (someone bought us the same thing as a wedding present!) and a skeleton pocket watch for my Dad.

Something personal is lovely. I never know about stuff with the date or "father of the bride" though, do people ever use those things again?

maggiethemagpie Sat 09-Apr-16 19:31:35

I am not having bridesmaids as such but my best friend is doing the reading and organised my hen do, I got her a lovely little silver mirror compact as a thank you. Another friend is playing the cello during our ceremony and I will do the same for her. Hopefully it is something they can keep as a memento of the day but still find useful.

BoboBunnyH0p Sun 10-Apr-16 08:27:10

My DH is a wedding photographer, at weddings he has covered gifts have been:
Bridesmaids, necklace/bracelet/earrings. Photo frame. Young bridesmaids have been given personalised rag dolls which are cute.
Mothers: bouquet of flowers, given a voucher letting them know bride will be taking them for afternoon tea once back from honeymoon. DH has also done vouchers to make parents aware they will be receiving a parents album.
Gentleman: hip flasks, bottle of favourite spirits, cuff links.

NicknameUsed Sun 10-Apr-16 08:32:34

I didn't know you were supposed to buy gifts for everyone. When we got married I had my sister as a bridesmaid. I can't even remember if we bought her anything.

When did it become a thing to buy family members a gift?

Muskateersmummy Sun 10-Apr-16 08:37:07

Bridesmaids got pendants and they wore long black evening gowns of their choice so they had those to keep too.

Mil and mum had flowers. Pretty sure the dads didn't get anything ...

Small flower girl got a book about the day she was a bridesmaid, it had pictures of the run up to the day, her in her dress, her and I on the day etc. I gave it to her shortly after the wedding day. And a little necklace on the day itself

Muskateersmummy Sun 10-Apr-16 08:38:41

Oh and the flowers mum and mil had where the ones used on the tables. They were designed to be lifted out and taken away with them when they left. (All parents are divorced and remarried so we needed 4 lots! Florist advised us this was the best way forward. Saved wasting extra money and the beautiful flowers)

RNBrie Sun 10-Apr-16 08:49:51

Bridesmaids are generally given something to wear on the day, so a necklace or earrings or a little bracelet. It doesn't have to be expensive!!

Ushers - cufflinks are quite normal, we gave ours a bottle of Port/whiskey/wine, whatever it was we knew they liked.

Mothers all got a bouquet of flowers.

My dad got a voucher for an experience but that was quite tongue in cheek and personal to us.

My maid of honour got a vintage silver cake slice, which was personal to her.

I don't think anyone expects gifts at all and something small is fine if you do want to do it, I wouldn't stress about this aspect of the day!!

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