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Has anyone used Hannah May Wedding Photography?

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MrsSchadenfreude Fri 11-Mar-16 17:23:19

My cousin paid her a deposit of £500 for her DD's wedding, and she seems to have gone awol - has removed her FB page, not responding to emails or phone calls (phone says it's switched off).

If anyone has contact details for her that I can pass on to my cousin, I'd be grateful!

Andrewofgg Fri 11-Mar-16 17:26:20

I hope she paid by credit card - not cash, cheque or debit card. And you know why!

tectonicplates Fri 11-Mar-16 17:30:25

Even if you paid by debit card, there are sometimes ways of getting the money back of you speak to your bank. In the meantime, it's worth looking at some other photographers to be on the safe side.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 11-Mar-16 17:31:33

No, she would only accept a cheque or bank transfer.

Andrewofgg Fri 11-Mar-16 17:33:32

That would have rung alarm bells with me. I fear that she is going to have to write the money off.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 11-Mar-16 17:33:53

The wedding has now taken place - they had to find another photographer.

here's her website

Andrewofgg Fri 11-Mar-16 17:36:50

Oh dear. No credit card and no postal address on her website. If payment was by cheque was it sent by post?

MuttonCadet Fri 11-Mar-16 17:40:45

If she was taking money knowing that she was going out of business that's fraudulent trading and she can be prosecuted, do you have an address for her?

tectonicplates Fri 11-Mar-16 17:40:56

Definitely worth speaking to the bank as some do have procedures to get the money back, although it might take a while.

MuttonCadet Fri 11-Mar-16 17:41:17

Sorry - just seen that's exactly what you were asking for!

everybodysang Fri 11-Mar-16 17:42:54

Do you know where she's based? I may be able to find some more details out...

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 11-Mar-16 19:38:01

Everybody - Maidstone, I believe.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Sat 12-Mar-16 13:04:50

This is intriguing! She puts so much of herself down on the website and there are reviews and pictures on other sites. How strange to just disappear like that! I wonder if something awful has happened?

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 12-Mar-16 13:09:08

It is strange, isn't it? But she has posted stuff quite recently, and was recommended by friends of my cousin's DD. So I don't think anything terrible has happened.

I've managed to track down her address so my cousin is going to go the Small Claims Route to get the money back.

Tate15 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:30:03

It all looks rather abrupt.

I hope your sister gets her money back.

Does she have a physical shop?

Tate15 Sat 12-Mar-16 13:43:07
Have you tried contacting her as a pretend new client?

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 12-Mar-16 14:00:05

I've suggested that to my cousin, Tate! I think she is just going to go the route of the Small Claims Court now though. Have also thought of contacting her on Twitter...

Smittenkitten2015 Sat 12-Mar-16 14:14:11

Just checked out her Twitter and the girl it links to appears to be Australian!

Smittenkitten2015 Sat 12-Mar-16 14:14:47

I think your cousin's been had, sorry!

lonelystarbuckslover Sat 12-Mar-16 14:38:56

I'd be interested to know if she is Australian because I had an Australian photographer based in Kent who I found out did this to other brides. Lucky for me she did actually turn up on the day but getting the digital copies off her wasn't easy. She has traded under two names that I know of. Could be coincidence though....

iyamehooru Sat 12-Mar-16 14:39:38

I'd also get your cousin to contact the awards people and the other endorsements she's been given and see if these are real or fake, sounds very dodgy to me. See if your cousin can contact any of the people she's photographed too.

Smittenkitten2015 Sat 12-Mar-16 14:46:52

It's really odd. On her portfolio page they all seem legitimate and she's been featured on a few of the bigger wedding blogsand the links all go back to her website. So strange.

Anniebear30 Sun 13-Mar-16 06:05:53

We have our wedding booked with Hannah May later this year and have had no problems contacting her. With regards to payment when looking for a photographer we asked 2 others re payment and both would take only cheque or bank transfer, PayPal they leave themselves vulnerable to people cancelling and claiming refunds and to pay by credit or debit card incurs them fees.
She did have an issue re her email so opened up a new account, which she put on her fb page. She contacted us only weeks ago stating that she'd had an issue with her account and that this was her new one and rest assured she was still around.
I have every faith in Hannah and I have no concerns at all. My fiancé has her new email so I can post this later if that helps.

GinIsIn Sun 13-Mar-16 06:52:56

We used her for our wedding a few years ago. She had regular 'email issues' then and went awol a few weeks before the wedding, leaving me in a huge panic and hunting for another photographer as back up. We did eventually manage to pin her down and the photos she took on the day were absolutely stunning but it did add another serious stress to an already stressful time.

Tate15 Sun 13-Mar-16 08:32:09

Why has the Facebook page been taken down?

I found it odd that the photograph of Hannah May is credited to a rival wedding photographer or its her trading under another name?

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