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Mother Of The Bride hats

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MaryPlain59 Sun 06-Mar-16 10:03:28

I would like a dusky pink hat with a wideish brim to wear to my daughter's wedding, have looked in main high street stores but not seen any in pink and can only see ones online that are too expensive for my budget (around £40) Could anyone suggest anywhere else I could try please?

EdithWeston Sun 06-Mar-16 10:14:13

When is the wedding? It might take another month or so for stores to get a full range of summer hats in stock (I remember hunting in vain about this time of year for an early May wedding).

- Keep an eye on department stores (if you have any nearby, call in and ask if they know when new stock will be coming).

- Check second hand shops (good quality hats end up there, as there isn't much else to do with them as they're difficult to post)

- Google to see if there are any hat hire places near you.

MaryPlain59 Sun 06-Mar-16 18:50:35

Thanks Edith, the wedding is on 2nd April, I went again to John Lewis and Bentalls and M&S today but as you say the stock of hats isn't out in the shops yet and they all say it will be another couple of weeks before it all comes in.
That is a really good idea about looking into finding a shop that hires hats, I am going to have a look online now. I have been looking in charity shops for ages as have seen loads when I didn't need one in the past but unfortunately there hasn't been my colour or style recently.

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