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help with timings

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harrietm87 Fri 26-Feb-16 17:56:56

Hi all
I've just found out that the only ceremony time available on the day our venue is free is 12.30. I really need help deciding what to do about the timings of the food, as I don't want our guests to be hanging around too much.

The ceremony will end at 1.30 and I guess we will arrive at the venue around 2.15/2.30 after photos etc. we will serve drinks on arrival.

Then I think the options are either:
- canapés at 3pm
- 3 course meal at 5.30/6
- evening guests arrive around 8.30 and free bar but no food

Meal at 3pm
Then evening guests arrive around 7pm and evening buffet for all

What do you think is best? With the early ceremony start we'll have to have 2 rounds of food, I guess the question is should it be canapés early or buffet late? We can only afford to invite around 60 for the meal, then another 25-30 for the evening.

Thanks for reading such a long post!

Helloall1 Fri 26-Feb-16 19:16:57

Hi. Congratulations! We got married recently, you must be so excited and nervous.

Our ceremony was at 1pm.
We chose to have the whole day/night at the same venue, so ours flowed very well.

We had canapés, drinks, mingling and photos after the ceremony and our formal sit down meal from 3:30, with speeches and three courses etc this went on until just after five.

People then had chill out time before the evening guests arrived from 6.

We had a full buffets from 8.

We did offer alot of food, but our family and friends had travelled far and wide to be with us and it was a long time slot. I loved organising all the timings smile

Do whatever is right for you and your budget. There is no right way, only your own way.


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