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Best and worst thing you have done at a wedding

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littlewaltham Sun 04-Oct-15 01:26:18

Best thing is I sang at the service.

Worst thing is I fell into the live band!

littlewaltham Sun 04-Oct-15 01:34:08

Too late at night?

Jenda Sun 04-Oct-15 01:50:50

Best was getting through my reading without cocking up.

Worst was missing most of an evening do by going backwards and forwards to the accommodation in a shuttle bus picking up bits I or anyone else had forgotten. I think I must have just been chatting to the driver for a couple of hours as can't account for the time!

littlewaltham Sun 04-Oct-15 01:57:51

Reads like the best and better bits to me ??

sallysparrow157 Sun 04-Oct-15 02:33:19

Best was I snuck in the bride's booze of choice for the toasts as she hates champagne. Worst was falling in the duckpond in my bridesmaids dress (before the ceremony) as my uncle was showing me the froggies

SenecaFalls Sun 04-Oct-15 03:13:53

Worst was helping to arrange bride's train as she walked down the aisle, slipping and falling on said train.

Not sure about the best.

ExBallerina Sun 04-Oct-15 03:49:45

Best-doing shots with my grandfathers after the speeches.

Worst-having a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor (thankfully not my wedding confused

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