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Would you be happy as a bridesmaid at this wedding?

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xalyssx Fri 18-Sep-15 16:39:11

I am currently planning my wedding, and I am trying to make it as cheap and as easy as possible for my bridesmaids, because I know that at least two of them don't have a lot of money. Does this seem like a good way to organise it?
I have bought the dresses and jewellery for my bridesmaids, and I am going to ask them to wear dark shoes, I don't mind what type. I am going to ask them to do their own hair and make-up, and I don't mind how they do it, as I know that they will be appropriate.
For the hen night, I plan to go to the cinema, then out to an Italian restaurant, then to my house for board games, drinks and chat etc. It is all within walking distance, and I will make it clear to everyone invited that they don't have to come to every part, in case they can't get time off work or don't have enough money.
Does this seem like a good situation in which to be a bridesmaid? If not, what should I change/add? Thanks.

Alanna1 Fri 18-Sep-15 16:40:40

I think it sounds fine and you sound like a lovely bride! Good luck.

booface Fri 18-Sep-15 16:41:43

wow, you sound like a very considerate bride! Sounds perfect to me, but I did get married ages ago, so maybe someone who got married more recently might have more up to date ideas!

wickedwaterwitch Fri 18-Sep-15 16:41:54

It sounds lovely!

Tiggeryoubastard Fri 18-Sep-15 16:43:08

Sounds bloody awful! You've given them nothing to whinge about. You bad, bad bride. grin
Nah, sounds perfect. Hope you all enjoy the day. flowers

BikeRunSki Fri 18-Sep-15 16:44:16

It sounds lovely. Weddings can get so elaborate, and your plan sounds perfect - far more about friendship than show. I have never been a bridesmaid, can I be one of yours?

SoftBlocks Fri 18-Sep-15 16:44:23

That sounds great and you sound like a very nice, thoughtful friend. Have a lovely time!

Devora Fri 18-Sep-15 16:47:34

Go on, start the trend! It sounds lovely.

torthecatlady Wed 21-Oct-15 00:36:08

It sounds perfect! Really lovely infact. Can I come? :D

torthecatlady Wed 21-Oct-15 00:36:48

It sounds perfect! Really lovely infact. Can I come? :D

AvaCrowder Wed 21-Oct-15 00:46:03

You sound lovely. Have fun at your wedding.

VimFuego101 Wed 21-Oct-15 00:48:12

Sounds lovely!

SenecaFalls Wed 21-Oct-15 01:40:18

It sounds like a lovely plan, OP.

Octopixy Tue 03-Nov-15 14:00:52

Sounds lovely! I got married in June and I had the same concerns as you.
I was keen to have a low key hen do which would be affordable for everyone as I have been invited to ones that have cost a small fortune! My lovely bridesmaids organised a hen do very similar to your plans and we had great fun!

R0nJ0n Tue 03-Nov-15 14:05:32

You've robbed them of the chance to start a thread on mumsnet about feeling pressured to go on an expensive hen weekend with planned activities that they secretly loathe the idea of, you inconsiderate non-bridezilla you.

It actually sounds perfect, if I was invited to a hen night like that I'd really look forward to it, and I'd say you've struck the right balance with dresses hair and makeup.

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