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non-cheesy non-overused wedding music help!!

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hangingoutattheendofmywick Fri 18-Sep-15 11:05:24

I am getting married soon in an informal town hall ceremony. I am having a real problem with the music choices for walking down the aisle - we also need music for signing the book, walking back up and while guests are waiting so I'm looking for a few songs or general inspiration.

I don't want anything cheesy or what everyone has at their wedding - something a bit different would be great. I thought of 'God only knows' Beach Boys for walking down the aisle but wondering if it's very common now after Love Actually.

Preferably no Love Actually songs. I'm really stuck. Did you have anything quirky different?

Helloall1 Fri 18-Sep-15 11:26:31

Hi and congratulations!!

We chose songs we love, it doesn't need to be any certain type of song. Go for what you love.

We had Eva Cassidy songbird for walking down and Eta James at last for walking off, we love that song and we chose it as we took so long to get married.

We chose not to have two other songs, for register etc.

Do whatever works for you x

Janeymoo50 Fri 18-Sep-15 15:55:46

Congrats! I am getting married next May and am already stressing over the music. Howabout ABBA - I do, I do, I do for coming out, I'm seriously considering it, I think it will raise smiles. I'm hoping for somewere over the rainbow for walking in, common I know but am choosing a non Judy version.

AlisonWunderland Fri 18-Sep-15 16:04:09

Do you want / have to use secular music?

dietstartsmonday Fri 18-Sep-15 16:06:20

Hi I walked in to train, marry me. We had a cascada song slow version for signing. Walked out to florance and the machine you've got the love

hangingoutattheendofmywick Fri 18-Sep-15 16:48:41

Janeymoo you guessed my coming out music - big fan of Muriel's wedding. That's sorted - it's the others I have no clue about. Want something modern and cute - not morbid or too modern aka Chris brown Forever.
I don't want anything classical ... Alison we can have whatever we want I think. Not religious anything though.

whydidyoudothat Sun 27-Sep-15 23:53:42

We had Pete Docherty's For Lovers to walk in to, Steriophonics Without You whilst signing the register and walked out to Jason Mraz I'm Yours. Our first dance was a Paul Weller cover of Thinking of You originally by Sister Sledge. I spent longer choosing the music than anything else!

Dowser Thu 08-Oct-15 22:59:43

I Compiled a mp3 cd of 100 songs. Some cheesy, some modern , some we just liked.

It was in the canary islands so we la bamba , the Macarena , for our Swedish guests we had some abba and our Russian friends we had Galinka!

I had songbird. I had it played at my aunts funeral and thought it was lovely. Also the my life.

Smash mouth...I'm a believer. DH like nights in white satin so we had that.

And mama cass.."it's getting better.

Dowser Thu 08-Oct-15 23:03:08

Love truly madly deeply savage garden

Wigeon Thu 08-Oct-15 23:11:29

Have a look at a CD of wedding music called "The Promise" by a choir called Chantage - it's all secular music for weddings, different styles, sounds lovely! Think it's on Amazon - just Google.

GothicRainbow Thu 08-Oct-15 23:21:28

The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Here, There & Everywhere - The Beatles

StylishDuck Fri 09-Oct-15 07:30:54

I walked down the aisle to Can't Help Falling in Love With You but the version sung by Alfie Boe not Elvis. Felt because it was a less well known version it would be less cheesy. It was perfect because it was short enough to get everyone down the aisle without having to cut out the end of the song!

Tirfarthoin Fri 09-Oct-15 07:35:03

I walked down the aisle to Nina simone, new life
My dad nearly had a heart attack over it grin

Noeuf Fri 09-Oct-15 07:43:33

We had Dean Martin at ours , was lovely

BippityBoppity Fri 09-Oct-15 07:52:59

I walked in to the vitamin string quartet version of 'i was made for loving you' by Kiss.
Signed the register to 'Signed, sealed, delivered' - cheesy, but it made everyone smile.
Left to 'You're my best friend'

YouMakeMyDreams Fri 09-Oct-15 07:58:50

I got married last month and had a piper as we are in Scotland. I walked down the aisle to a song from the Disney film Brave. hmm In my defence dd calls me Merida because of my wild red hair and it was a beautiful song played on smaller bellows pipes. Walked out the tiny little chapel to Caledonia. That was a surprise I'd totally forgot the Piper suggesting that when I met with him first in January.

CalliopeTorres Fri 09-Oct-15 08:08:20

I walked down the aisle to this, it's one of my favourite films and I love this piece of music.

Signed the register to masterplan and lucky man grin and back up the aisle to Huey Lewis and Power of Love.

katienana Fri 09-Oct-15 08:11:13

John Lennon grow old along with me. Such a lovely story behind it.

IamChipmunk Fri 09-Oct-15 13:01:04

We have just gotten married in Aug. It was very non traditional , with things as we wanted then not because you should have them! No wedding breakfast, table plans etc.
As someone has said, we picked music we liked.
I walked in to Maria Mckee Show me Heaven (the dance version is 'our' song)
We then had Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply and Cast Finetime whilst we signed the register and walked out to The Killers Mr Brightside (the lyrics don't fit but it's our favourite 'shared' song)
Have songs you like that mean something to you!

SignoraStronza Fri 09-Oct-15 13:10:45

We signed the register to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' 'Breathless'. Possibly their only cheerful track ever - although he still looks his usual jaded self in the video. DH can't understand my love for Nick but conceded on this one.

Katie2001 Fri 09-Oct-15 13:15:16

At a recent wedding, the bride came in to 'One Day Like This' by Elbow, I thought it was lovely.

Paperblank Sun 18-Oct-15 15:41:50

Walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years by Christina Perry not a dry eye in the place and out to L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole.

Best day of my life.

Sylviecat Fri 27-Nov-15 21:56:15

Hi op, what did you go for in the end ? I'm having the same dilemma! Not helped by the fact me and do don't really share the same music taste.

I'm currently loving 'how long will I love you' by Jon boden , from the about time soundtrack. It is lovely and folksy.

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