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How much for dress alterations?

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Serg Mon 20-Jul-15 10:19:28

Our wedding is in March, I've seen some amazing shoes:

And thought they would look nice with this dress, but I'd want to get the neckline altered so it's a much deeper V neck, and thinner on the shoulders. How much (roughly!) are alterations, if £100's I'd just look for another dress!

I'm then going to get an ivory petticoat and a sparkley belt from eBay, and have a red rose on my hair.

I'm hoping this will all look good together!

Cocoaone Thu 23-Jul-15 07:04:30

I don't really know, but I'm paying £55 to have a bustle hook added and boob-pads added to mine, so not major alterations. My friend paid about £150 to get her fitted wedding dress taken in around the waist.

I'd suggest taking it to a normal dress maker and not mentioning that it's for your wedding! But I would guess that you're looking at at least £50

StrangeGlue Thu 23-Jul-15 20:13:06

I paid £150 just to have it taken up and bustle button put in. But I was tied into where to have the dress altered as I got it v v v reduced at a wedding dress sale and all alterations were one flat price so v uncompetitive!

Spickle Sun 26-Jul-15 10:10:07

Your local bridal shop may be able to recommend some seamstresses for you.

I recently got married and paid £280 for alterations to the length, the bustier pulled in, the bolero pulled in and a bustle button added. However, the shop's seamstress was too busy to do the bridesmaid's alterations so the shop gave me a list of local seamstresses who charged £25 to take up the hem on one dress and £30 to take in shoulders and armholes on another dress.

Your dress (which is lovely btw) doesn't look too bridal so if I were you, I wouldn't mention that it's your wedding dress at all, then the cost will be a lot cheaper, especially if it's done by a home-based seamstress rather than a shop-employed seamstress.

mrssmith79 Sun 26-Jul-15 10:27:14

The mention of the 'W' word always bumps prices up by ridiculous amounts, use a local seamstress, try Facebook or, if you're near a uni, ask around for fashion / textile students looking to make a quick bit of cash.

mrssmith79 Sun 26-Jul-15 10:27:35

Stunning outfit by the way grin

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