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Wedding with newborn

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Athenaviolet Fri 10-Jul-15 07:42:03

DP & I have received an invite for us (not older DC) to a wedding when new baby will be 1-3 weeks old.

It's an evening ceremony with the reception in same venue, 30 min drive from home.

I was in a similar situation before when I had a reception only invite. New baby wasn't mentioned on that invite either but they were just 1 week so I took them just to the ceremony, which they slept through, then left and went home.

If the invite doesn't mention DCs should I assume it's a child free wedding (couple & I think most of their friends & family are childless) including newborns?

I'd like to go (I've had easy births & quick recoveries in past so fairly sure I'd feel able) but I don't think I could logistically leave a ebf newborn even for enough time for the ceremony (2+ hours inc travel/parking, poss delays).

Should we ask if newborn is 'allowed'?

If baby is content in sling it'd be nice to stay for the reception as there'll be lots of mutual friends there I haven't seen for ages but don't want to impose or 'steal thunder'.


BeautifulBatman Fri 10-Jul-15 07:45:58

I'd ask if it's ok to bring newborn. If they say no, the fair enough, it's their wedding. No need to take offence. If yes, then every one is a winner. smile

westcountrywoman Fri 10-Jul-15 07:46:23

I would ask, they can only say no. Explain that it would just be impossible to leave such a young baby, so would it be ok to bring him / her. Let them know that you (genuinely) won't be offended if they say no.

RandomMess Fri 10-Jul-15 07:46:40

I think I would have to ask. Explain that you've done it before etc. and you understand the need to not steal her limelight and will leg it out the door if baby is unsettled.

However what if this time it isn't an easy birth and you don't feel up to it?

I was really not okay after birth of DC2 but fine after the other 3, I still don't know why but I was quite unwell for a good 2 weeks afterwards.

Only1scoop Fri 10-Jul-15 07:51:16

Id assume it's no dc at all or yours would have been invited.

All you can do is ask I suppose. If you know Bride well she may mention it I guess. Id have a conversation with her and drop in about baby being to little to leave. That's her cue. If she says nothing about you bringing baby then you have your answer.

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