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Am I mad?

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MistletoeBUTNOwine Wed 08-Jul-15 08:47:05

To plan our wedding for sept '16 when we're TTC#3 right now?

LettuceLaughton Wed 08-Jul-15 08:52:59

It does sound a bit of a daft plan, yes.

Jedi1 Wed 08-Jul-15 08:54:18

Depends if you want to be potentially pregnant or dealing with a baby at your wedding. I wouldn't!

MistletoeBUTNOwine Wed 08-Jul-15 09:10:36

Thought so sad
We don't want a big gap between 2&3 (ds is 18m now) and I want to get married!
I am happy to have a baby with us at the wedding, just this morning dawned on me that the run up to the wedding (with organising etc) will be with a newborn...
Realistic all can I get most stuff done before baby arrives?
I don't mind having to BF on the day and between feeds there'll be plenty of relatives to hold the baby...
Never planned a wedding before.. Is it really as crazily stressful as everyone makes out?

Qwebec Thu 09-Jul-15 22:38:04

It's as crazy stressful as you want it to be. The smaller the simpler, the less it is stressful. The bigger, the more details you need to think about. If you want it big but no stress, take care of what is really important to you and delegate the rest. Get married this year if you can!

KillmeNow Thu 09-Jul-15 22:51:26

Why not just get married this year?

It doesnt have to big blow out that needs years in the planning. If you were planning a party for a special birthday you wouldn't need years to do it. Same for a wedding.

What do you want for your wedding? Even if you have dreamed since childhood of being princess for a day it can still be done quickly and within a budget with some judicious shopping around.

Then you can settle down to make dc3 smile

MistletoeBUTNOwine Sat 11-Jul-15 20:15:18

Dp has big work exams coming up towards the end of this year so no way we can have it this year sad
I reckon it'll be okay, going to see the coordinator on Friday so will have a better idea of what is needed organising wise smilesmile

elephantfeet Tue 14-Jul-15 22:25:19

I planned my wedding for April next year and then found out I am expecting dc1 in February...I think I am leaving wedding plans as they are blush

I would say get married earlier if possible!

choli Tue 14-Jul-15 22:26:57

Do you want to be married or do you want to have a wedding?

You can get married anytime you like without any fuss.

marshmallowpies Tue 14-Jul-15 22:29:26

DH and I had just paid the registry office fee for our wedding date and were also TTC. We joked 'well we won't get pregnant straight away so may as well stick the wedding date in the diary, what are the chances of us getting pregnant tonight?'

DD1 was born 3 days after that original wedding date we booked. We married 2 months earlier instead. Luckily we'd only booked the registry office and nothing else so we didn't lose much money.

Glindathegoodwitch Mon 17-Aug-15 15:58:43

I am 5 months pg now and am getting married in August.. these things cant always be planned. Anyway, I think it will be easier, I have months and months of free days to plan my wedding!

We had made a decision before I became pg, that we would stop trying 9 months before the wedding so I wasn't pregnant or have a tiny baby on the day.

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