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jugglingmonkey Wed 24-Jun-15 10:31:55

Going on a Hen do in a few weeks, chief hen has just sent the request for payment...

I'm 12 weeks pregnant, I haven't told them yet but I'm happy to... Would I be unreasonable to ask to pay a bit less? The cost includes champagne at various venues...

TheBobbinIsWound Mon 29-Jun-15 00:23:38

Y would NBU to ask to pay less but appreciate that the organisation stage of the event has already been completed. Costs quoted based on the initial figures and "champagne at venues" may well be part of packages that have been booked. Because you didn't mention "not drinking" or anything similar (understandably) there has been no exception booked.

So be aware that recalculating may bump up either everyone else's costs to cover the short fall you leave or one person who doesn't want to ask people for more money basically subbing you.

Also don't be surprised if the response is "no I'm sorry but we booked all of this as part of a package and we can't change it as there were minimum numbers and you had said you were coming and nothing about not drinking"

I was at a hen recently where someone announced that she was 13 weeks pg once the message went around with costs. Literally the next day hmm
It was not well received as the planning had been taking place for 4 weeks prior. We (organisers) explained that everything was calculated like X and that she was very welcome to contact venues directly and try to negotiate adjustments to the bloody painstakingly organised arrangements. She did. She got some monies back for an activity and reductions on some packages but also an appreciation for how much work had gone in and how long all the calls had taken the organisers in the first place.

DoloresLandingham Mon 29-Jun-15 21:17:10

Yes, you would be unreasonable. You pay your fair share this time and in a year or two you'll be subsidised by somebody else who is pregnant.

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