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How do I go about planning/booking my wedding?

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RevsDeCub Wed 17-Jun-15 14:57:26

I literally have no idea what to do. We're looking at September/October 2016 so well in advance (can I do it this far in advance?). We want a hotel venue with the wedding about 3pm then afternoon/evening reception straight after. Is this OK or does there need to be a gap?
It really doesn't help I've never been to a wedding before - yes I know it's unbelievable. What else do I need to book/arrange I.e. just registrar?

Please somebody with a brain help my clueless one! grin

LordTumble Thu 18-Jun-15 11:49:37

Ok, so start by contacting venues you are interested in with your dates to check availability and to arrange viewings. We've just booked our wedding for April 2017 so not too early, some venues I contacted are already taking bookings for 2018. Our venue held the date for us provisionally until we could contact the local registrar and confirm they were available. The time you get married may well depend on the registrar availability, as ours did.

This is how we arranged ours anyway. Hths, and congratulations smile

nottheOP Thu 18-Jun-15 11:54:46

First things first - budget and numbers. We had essential numbers and then extras we'd like to invite if we had space and then evening guests on top.

Then venue, outfits, rings, flowers/decorations, cake, entertainment (DJ/Band), photographer, invites, hen/stag parties, bridal party, transport. Gift list if you're doing that - a weird MN issue but people want to get you a gift so some guidance with the invite is a good idea IMO.

Honeymoon if you've got any money left!

Enjoy. I enjoyed planning my wedding but I'm fairly black and white. Friends who are more into detail than I am found it stressful as they gave themselves lots of choices.

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