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Devon budget wedding

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OneStepOneStumble Fri 12-Jun-15 10:21:33

DP and I are on a tiddly budget but would like to get married in Devon where both of our families are from. Obviously traditional venues are very costly! We're doing a humanist ceremony (so will have to be "officially" married in a registry office with just a couple of witnesses) and can therefore have the real ceremony in front of friends/family absolutely ANYWHERE. Would like to have nice photos but really not bothered where as we're prepared to DIY and make it our own.

Simply need a pretty place to have a ceremony and somewhere large enough for around 90 people for a reception. We've been looking for converted barns or pretty village halls but not coming up with much. Wondering if anyone had any "think outside the box" ideas or recommendations?

VelvetRose Mon 15-Jun-15 22:16:32

I don't know Devon at all op sorry but just wanted to at that we had our reception in a village hall when we had our civil partnership ceremony 10 years ago, it was brilliant. It was cheap, spacious, had a bar and all the usual facilities you'd hope for. A friend took photos, my parents made the cake, myself and friends decorated the venue with brightly coloured flowers and balloons. A friend (who is a caterer) did a fantastic buffet. I think the whole thing came to well under £2,000. I was reading about a really lovely DIY wedding on a blog the other day. I'll try to find it for you and post a link, lots of great ideas.

ems1910 Fri 19-Jun-15 00:18:59

Which part of Devon? I am in Plymouth so can think of places around here but wouldn't have a clue on North Devon or nearer to Exeter smile

DaftVader36 Sun 28-Jun-15 11:06:22

Village hall, 5 minutes outside Ottery St Mary, which has a fab internal marquee that they put up for wedding etc. playground for kids right outside, large car park, pretty garden for photos , v reasonable fees...

See photos here...

OneStepOneStumble Wed 01-Jul-15 15:46:42

Thank you so much for the comments - we are nearer to Plymouth anyway Ems

We are definitely planning on DIYing most of it and asking friends family for favours to cut costs!

Will have a look at the link DaftVader - sounds lovely.

CharlotteWinton Sun 19-Jul-15 08:55:36

I hope you are now sorted but we were recently looking for a photographer and in our search found this great local wedding directory for the Devon and Cornwall area.

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