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I'm getting married in three weeks and the family dramas are ramping right up...

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Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 17:24:14

1) MIL to be is sulking because I won't issue an order to all the other guests not to wear any of the colours she is wearing.

2) MIl and SIL to be are sulking because I'm doing what I want to do for my hen do, not what they want to do, in their home town which is a good couple of hours away from me and all my friends.

3) DP's uncle is boycotting the whole wedding because I won't let him bring his dog. It's an evil little thing that hates children and bites. I've tried explaining that unleashing it into a room with several hyped up children and babies will not end well.

4) My mum is sulking because my half sister is a bridesmaid and she doesn't want to get ready with "that woman's (my stepmum) daughter".

Please please tell me that it will all resolve itself on the day itself and I won't have to resort to hiding in the loos?

3littlefrogs Thu 28-May-15 17:26:57

Ignore them all and let them sulk.
They all sound very self absorbed and immature.
It is your wedding, you have/do whatever you want.
As for the uncle with the dog....! Who brings a dog to a wedding? Bonkers.

RandomMess Thu 28-May-15 17:29:45

OMG hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and don't regret not eloping!

Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 17:30:50

Thanks 3littlefrogs. My MOH is being fantastic. She had a guilt trip text from future SIL about the hen do where SIL said that we were deliberately excluding them because they don't like the activity and could we not just go bowling instead? MOH texted back "suck it up, it's Lady's day, not yours - you don't have to come but that's entirely your choice."

Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 17:31:25

Randommess - eloping is looking very tempting! grin

emotionsecho Thu 28-May-15 17:37:22

First two, let them sulk they are being extremely silly.

Third one, thank goodness he has chosen not to come, a bitey dog amongst children at a wedding???? What planet is he on? His choice to put dog above his nephew's wedding so he has to live with it.

Last one, your mum could you speak to her? She should be behaving like an adult and putting you and your day first and keeping her feelings about your half sister and her mum out of it? Try telling her to grow up and not to even think about spoiling your day.

Don't let them get to you, I know it's hard, but if any of them start send them to the loos don't you go and hide in there!

All the best, rise above their pettiness and remember you are marrying the man you want to spend the rest of your life with and that's what's important not their dramas and childishness.

Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 17:40:10

Thank you emotionsecho. It's so daft. I'm a 31 year old woman, I deal with arsey work clients every day of the week - yet around my family I revert to a timid 13 year old!

alwaysabattle Thu 28-May-15 17:41:37

they will all pull together on the day if they have any respect for you. my lot did on the day grin

emotionsecho Thu 28-May-15 17:55:49

Ah Lady, I think that reverting to a child around family is not uncommon it's the whole brought up to respect them, etc., etc. Try just calmly telling your mum that her attitude is upsetting you and you are sure she wouldn't want you to be feeling on edge or upset at your wedding and maybe she could put you and your feelings first instead of her own? If not, tell her to change somewhere else if a couple of hours with your half sister is going to cause her that much angst?

Alternatively unleash your fabulous MOHgrin.

I am sure it will all be fine on the day, don't think about them think about you and your future husband and ignore everything else, they will be the ones looking foolish and regretting their behaviour.

Have a lovely day, I'm sure you

Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 18:00:21

I hope so!

I can probably talk to my mum about it - I'll just have to be careful how I word it. The future in laws though - the entire lot of them are completely batshit crazy.

I'm having a very relaxed do - an evening ceremony followed by a hogroast and party. No seating plans, no toasts, no speeches. It's all sorted out and ready to go, except for all the family shit! grin

emotionsecho Thu 28-May-15 18:17:19

Sounds lovely, relax and enjoy it and let the family shit wash over you. Let the in-laws sulk if they want to they'll only spoil their day not yours.

Yes have a heart to heart with your mum, say you need her support and understanding particularly as you have batshit crazy in-laws to deal with, I'm sure she'll realise how daft she is being it could just be general emotions surrounding her daughter getting married that have clouded her judgement.

LadyOrangutan Thu 28-May-15 18:24:26

Your MOH is brilliant btw

Ladyofsuspense Thu 28-May-15 18:49:22

LadyOrangutan - she really, really is. She's bolshy and kind and sweet.

LadyOrangutan Thu 28-May-15 19:23:05

Exactly who you need in your corner. As long as you have her on the day, the rest of them can take a hike

Ladyofsuspense Fri 29-May-15 09:02:24

Oh crumbs. DP informed me late last night that instead of coming to my hen (which they don't want to do - fair enough, not forcing anyone) his mum and sister are coming to our house for the day.

That's going to be nicely awkward when I leave to go to and return from the activity they believe they are being deliberately excluded from hmm

FlaviaAlbia Fri 29-May-15 09:10:33

Can you go stay with your MOH the night before? I would!

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