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Wedding Cake

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gregcal Sun 29-Mar-15 19:25:28

I am considering baking a wedding cake as I could not believe just how expensive they are to buy! I am a reasonable baker but not very good at piping and icing. Can anyone suggest recipes that I can use? Not fruit cakes though. I am just going to use fondant rolling icing to decorate and use ribbon and fresh flowers.

NotLoveActually Tue 31-Mar-15 12:46:52

By the time you factor in ingredients costs, time, energy etc, you might be as well buying a cake from m&s or the like? they're very reasonable, no £600/ £700+?

strawberrydaquari Tue 31-Mar-15 13:00:27

What about a naked cake?

moonbells Tue 31-Mar-15 13:30:41

I went on a local wedding cake icing course, which explained basic techniques like stacking/pillaring, swags, roses, and how to get good piping. Course cost me about £20, buying a stand cost me about the same as hiring one, and the (three tier) cake itself cost me about £30 in materials. All in all, about 1/3 the cost of a bought one and I got precisely what I wanted. I used my mum's wedding cake tins (one of which hadn't been used since her wedding!) and had a great time decorating it.

Of course it set me off on what has since proved to be a great fun hobby and I have definitely spent more than the other 2/3 cost on equipment etc!

You can get plain cakes, choc or vanilla, from supermarkets - I helped out a friend who bought her cakes like that, then put my icing flowers on it. If you're putting anything wired or fresh on a cake, make sure they're not poisonous! (Euphorbia is pretty nasty that way, for instance, but seems to be in a lot of bouquets.)

Recipes - I'd get a Lindy Smith book, as she gives all her Madeira etc recipes at the start, for all different sizes and shapes of tin.

gregcal Tue 31-Mar-15 19:19:13

Thank you for all your replies. Certainly given me food for thought!

NotLoveActually Wed 01-Apr-15 12:44:56

Ooh just had another thought. A friend ordered 3 Victoria sponge cakes from, and decorated with fresh strawberries, dusted icing sugar and fresh flowers, it was lovely.

Karinagarcia Wed 10-Jun-15 12:49:49

Is it accurate to say that you are an individual from It's a wedding arranging gathering that I utilized a ton when I was arranging my wedding. The young ladies on there are Unbelievably useful and would be upbeat to help you with this inquiry and any others. It's likewise an extraordinary fun gathering and I truly miss it.

You can get wedding cake levels in Imprints and Spencer that are splendid quality and great worth on the off chance that you need a customary nutty delight.

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