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Where to shop for an engagement ring?

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vitality Fri 20-Mar-15 17:04:18

My SO and I have been talking about marriage and we're going to shop for an engagement ring together. Where to start? Good brands? I know nothing about diamonds.

Bobian123 Fri 20-Mar-15 17:05:39

I don't know where you're based, but Hatton garden in London is a great place to start. Lots of ring specialists there who will be able to advise!


BuzzardBird Fri 20-Mar-15 17:18:25

Colour, cut and clarity that's all you need to know about diamonds. Where to go depends on where you live. I always shop at the jewellery quarter for important pieces of jewellery where you have lots of choice and the option to change settings etc.

smithneejones Sat 21-Mar-15 16:56:01

I would consider other stones too!

Messonite and emeralds, for example.

PearsonSpecter Sat 21-Mar-15 17:06:53

Hatton Garden, London. Cut, colour, clarity and weight. Work out what you want exactly then visit several different shops and argue price. They will all give big discounts off window price.

Cheeseandwinegirl Mon 13-Apr-15 20:23:08

I got mine from The Lanes in Brighton, they had so many amazing vintage/unusual rings! Plus we got to have fish and chips afterwards x

BillThePony Mon 20-Apr-15 14:54:16

I also got mine in Brighton. we went to Hotel Du Vin after and drank silly cocktails.

MarlowsDiamonds Wed 10-Jun-15 09:12:19

Congratualations to you and your other half!

The best places to start your quest for that perfect ring would be definitely in the heart of London. You can browse a huge selection of different ranges with the hand of specialists right on hand to help.

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