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Inspiration for flower holders

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AuntyBatshit Sun 01-Feb-15 22:49:09

It's a vow renewal, not a wedding, so I hope you don't mind me posting. Also, it's not until next September, so apologies for that too. Here goes:

DH and I want the 'church' wedding we didn't have nearly ten years ago. I've gone into planning overdrive, picked my bridesmaids, he's picked his best man, etc. We didn't have a theme in mind, but- just down to me being me- we have already decided on:

Me and my three (including dd(7) in bridesmaids dresses and biker boots

The possibillity of me arriving at the venue in either a jcb truck or an ice cream van

Walking down the aisle (or clomping!) to a rock version (recorded by me) of 'All things Bright and Beautiful'

Reception at the local Wacky Warehouse

So I guess a bit alternative. Now, here's my question. I'd like the bridesmaids to carry flowers in something: my only idea is a mini drum, with the top removed. I could really do with ideas! I'm doing the flowers myself if that makes any difference. Tia

smithneejones Mon 02-Feb-15 11:10:09

Vintage tea pots, type writers, bird cages, hand bags...

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