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Registry Office wedding, 10 guests. What little touches can I do to make it a bit special?

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MidnightDinosaur Thu 27-Nov-14 22:05:55

So we've decided not to wait any longer, we're heading to the registry office after Christmas with 10 close friends to get married and then going out for a meal afterwards.

I'm really looking forward to it but have a slight feeling that it might just feel a bit dull.

I'm not wearing a traditional dress, we'll have our 2 children with us and it'll be the middle of summer.

Do I bother with a bouquet? Photographer? Hair & make up? (or just do it myself) Cake?

What little touches would you add to make it feel just that little bit more special?

redcaryellowcar Thu 27-Nov-14 22:09:25

We had a small wedding (26) and did have a photographer, she just did a few getting ready photos, the wedding at the church and a few after shots, confetti etc, she charged a lot less as it was just two or three hours, well worth the money to have some really good photos.

DulcetMoans Thu 27-Nov-14 22:09:57

Sounds great - congratulations!

You have to do whatever makes you happy and there is no should. I think photographs are important but you could ask a guest to be responsible for that. I regret my photographer and wish I had better photos and I think that's always a shame.

For special touches maybe consider how you might decorate the area where the meal is. Balloons or banners or even little favours that can be personalise or memorable - Pinterest can help with ideas maybe.

It will be great whatever as you will be with your favourite people!

redcaryellowcar Thu 27-Nov-14 22:10:06

We didn't have a cake but did have lovely flowers.

TendonQueen Thu 27-Nov-14 22:16:46

It sounds like a lovely day. I agree with the suggestion to get nice photos done. I also like the idea of a guest book people can write messages in - with a small gathering this will be easy to do; I've seen it fall flat at larger weddings where people get missed out. How about photos of you as children to go on the table? Maybe you, your DH and the DC?

I would do cake as then you can give out slices to people not attending but who you are close to. I'd just get shop bought though.

MidnightDinosaur Thu 27-Nov-14 22:16:54

Wedding favours, didn't even think about that, thank you.

I'm not too fussed about cake so I think I'll drop that and maybe just get a small bunch of flowers. Spend any money I save from that on a photographer. It would be nice to have some good photos.

It'll be a weekday wedding, hopefully in the morning so getting a photographer for just a couple of photos sounds like it might be quite easy.

Not sure about table decorations etc, I wasn't planning on telling them it was a wedding meal.

Thank you for your quick replies. I'm excited. smile

MidnightDinosaur Thu 27-Nov-14 22:20:11

The guest book is a lovely idea, thank you TendonQueen

ChangedToday Thu 27-Nov-14 22:23:23

I did just that, or nearly, 10 years ago. Registry office, 8 or 10 weeks notice, no white dress, and just close family plus evening drinks reception for ~40 friends with home made cake and champagne at home. Booked a private room in a nice restaurant for lunch and they organised some flowers that matched my simple bouquet. Also ordered just a couple of buttonholes for Groom and witnesses. We didn't bother with photographer, lots of people including ourselves took pics and we are happy with the result. Gave some disposables to the niece and nephew attending they were 4 and 7 at the time and those are GREAT grin especially the shot of us across the table that shows just glasses...
It was a special day, and it really depends on you. I'm not a 'hair and make up' kind of person so did that myself, keeping it pretty simple! But if it would be a treat for you then go for it. I think to me the ability to go into a shop and 'buy any dress' (ok, within reason, and off the peg!) made it special, I chose a nice embroidered silk summer dress with a small Jacket, and spent about £100 (and was able to wear it again at my sister's wedding). Planning the flowers for the bouquet with the florist was a nice thing to do too.

Sorry I'm rambling. We had a small scale relaxed affair and I enjoyed every minute. There were no expectations of anything grand and I don't think it was dull. It suited us, so find what works for you smile

ExpectantGran Wed 10-Dec-14 10:41:26

The best part of any wedding day is to see that everyone enjoys the celebration, never mind how many or few are there or having to worry how much the event costs.

We were married in a registry office before two witnesses - our other guests lived away so a few weeks later we joined them for a family blessing but for the actual wedding, apart from buying a new dress, there was no bouquet, our photographer was our main witness, getting the hairpins out of my hair became later entertainment as we tucked into a fresh cream cake - the day's event cost £150 - rings, hire of room/wedding service costs, meal for four etc

We have since covered weddings for friends and acquaintances who having seen our photographic work, have requested we attend their weddings so have witnessed anything from one with a horse drawn carriage to a family friendly one held in the local village hall - all have been fun.

Surely rather than worry about those little touches being right, what really matters is seeing the couple enjoy their day?

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