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Wedding insurance - any recommendations or anyone had to use it?

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colafrosties Sun 02-Nov-14 22:37:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Sun 02-Nov-14 22:43:38

Yes yes yes! Get it! We got our through E&L (equestrian company that has shot off in lots of directions). I bought it two days prior to my house being burnt to a crisp, with my beloved wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses. They paid out within 10 days so I could order a new one, best decision ever made. The house differennt issue but we lost bloody everything.

colafrosties Sun 02-Nov-14 22:52:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PancakesAndMapleSyrup Mon 03-Nov-14 02:00:27

No probs! And was the best £27 spent!

Catg999 Mon 03-Nov-14 16:56:43

You could try - they do lots of different levels of cover. I didn't need to claim thankfully but they were really helpful and nice to deal with.

catseyes10 Mon 03-Nov-14 17:00:04

Also had E&L, had to claim as a supplier went bust. Paid out very quickly, definitely recommend it.

colafrosties Mon 03-Nov-14 22:24:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aylesburyduck Tue 04-Nov-14 17:39:34

I bought Wedding Insurance. I can't remember who from but figured that in the grand scheme of things, spending 30 quid would be worth every penny if anything happened.

Cars and holidays cost less than weddings and I wouldn't dream of not insuring those.

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