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Wedding Invitations

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gregcal Sun 19-Oct-14 18:33:41

Can anyone recommend where I can purchase reasonably priced wedding invitations?

fertilityFTW Sun 19-Oct-14 18:36:59

This is a friend's husband's small business - but I do love his designs and I've been coveting them (but am already done and dusted so no more wedding fun for me). See what you think.

ThursdayLast Sun 19-Oct-14 18:40:55

fertility that is also the business of the husband of a friend of mine grin

If you have the time and/or inclination I used a printable design that was personalised for us. I'm not sure how the costs add up with buying our own envelopes and paper etc, but the design was £20

gregcal Sun 19-Oct-14 19:20:20

Thank you. I will have a look.

WeddingTeaTowel Mon 27-Oct-14 17:23:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Spickle Sat 01-Nov-14 23:34:22

Could this be of interest?

wedding stationery

elinorjane Sun 09-Nov-14 21:06:51

We ordered some save the date magnets from Vistaprint, which were fine, and some truly lovely wedding invitations from - They worked out just over £1 each and we were really pleased with them.

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