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Buying/selling second hand wedding dresses

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breakfastinbread Thu 25-Sep-14 18:22:02

Would you buy a second hand wedding dress? Have you bought one?

I'm half thinking about selling mine in order to raise some more cash for maternity leave, but am unsure.

Would you sell it through ebay or somewhere else?



stoopstofolly Thu 25-Sep-14 18:30:39

I bought mine second hand- saw a lovely one I wanted the year before for 2.5k(!) and got it second hand for £800. Brilliant. I loved the dress, felt marvellous AND had the added benefit of feeling I'd "saved" money! After the day it was still in good condition so I had it professionally cleaned and sold it on for £300. The woman I sold it to was also a thrilled- we still send Christmas cards! I'm not sentimental about things, and we had nowhere to store it, and it was lovely that it made someone else as happy as it made me.

There are wedding dress sites that I sold the dress on- when I bought I went to a second hand shop (there were hundreds of dresses and the woman stored them and helped people try on, and then split the cost with the owner once it was sold)
I'm afraid it was over 10 years ago, so I don't know where!

longest Thu 25-Sep-14 18:31:55

I sold mine on preloved, but I only got £150 for it. Cost £1500 new two years ago.

breakfastinbread Thu 25-Sep-14 20:14:48

Mine was £1800 new, so would ideally look for £700-800 for it, but slightly disconcerted if you only got £150 for yours longest. If that's all it would fetch, I think I'd rather hold onto it, plus, DH thinks i'll regret it, esp if we have a girl (don't know the sex yet).

Can't make up my mind. We don't need the money yet, so I just may wait and see.

longest Thu 25-Sep-14 20:23:43

It was quite extensively altered as I was pg, plus it's been up there since Jan. I just want rid now smile

SaltedCaramels Sun 28-Sep-14 09:02:09

I'm selling mine at a shop called Swoon in Surrey - felt a bit sad sending it off but didn't see the point in keeping it...

CharlotteWinton Sun 19-Jul-15 09:06:09

If you are in the Devon or Cornwall area there is a local wedding directory and you can sell them on there for free.

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