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Little bridesmaids shoes - when to buy?

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Augustwedding Sun 20-Apr-14 18:48:23

I have one bridesmaid who is 9, 10 in July. She is desperate to go shopping for her shoes and last bits to go with her dress; i'm equally excited about going!

I know children's feet grow at different rates but in peoples experience in general If I buy them soon (as in this month) will they still fit her in August?


Grotbagstwin Sun 20-Apr-14 18:56:10

Monsoon, BHS, Next, John Lewis and Debenhams all stock bridemaid shoes, I wouldn't risk buying thrm so soon. We have just got married and we bought them a few weeks before.
SIL bought her 11yo shoes a couple of months before and she had gone up a size so had to re buy them.

Augustwedding Sun 20-Apr-14 18:58:51

Great, thank you. I dont have children yet so was unsure! I might say to her that we can go for her cardigan and necklace and get her shoes in july. She is staying at mine the night before with the other (6!) BM so might treat her to some new PJs as well.

The prospect of 2 shopping trips might just win her over!

crazykat Sun 20-Apr-14 19:04:13

I got our bridesmaids ones from next and ordered them about six weeks before the wedding and DSDs only just fit on the day despite being fine when ordered.

Could you go shopping for them now to try in and pick and then buy them a few weeks before the wedding?

Buying them now is a coin toss as to whether they will still fit in four months. I've bought my DCs shoes in a new size that have fit for eight months, bought the next size up and had to buy new ones two months later.

If you buy them a few weeks before the wedding (and had the money) you could get their size and the next size up, keep the receipt and take back the ones not worn just incase. I wish I'd done that for DSD as we almost had to get her new shoes two days before the wedding but luckily she was okay with tights instead of socks.

Augustwedding Sun 20-Apr-14 19:46:01

Thats a good idea to look now and then buy nearer the time, best of both!

I will wait until nearer the time. Thank you both for the good advice,.

LIZS Sun 20-Apr-14 19:47:31

Next , Accessorise, Tesco . You could choose and try styles but order in June (Wouldn't do any earlier and later will be sales so less reliable stock)

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