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wedding dress I can breastfeed in?

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technosausage Wed 16-Apr-14 23:04:23

I'm getting married in the summer, very low key, office then back to our house for a BBQ maximum of 30 guests.
My dd is only 11 days old, but I'm planning on long term breastfeeding.
Has anyone managed feeding in their dress?
We have a very small budget (about £1000) so I'm looking to spend about £100 on my dress, so I'm looking at monsoon/eBay dresses.
Which style would be best? I don't really want to disappear every time she needs a feed. I also have a toddler and due to the nature of our wedding I don't want anything to fancy.
Any ideas?

Mumof3madones Thu 17-Apr-14 09:22:22

I would go for maybe something stretchy on top? So it's easy to get too and maybe with a crossover trip design? Maybe try some on in monsoon and see if you can get easy access to it? I am st bfeeding DD 20 months up to 4 times a day however there is no way she is going to get into my dress so I'm dreading it .....

CurlsLDN Thu 17-Apr-14 09:32:28

Have a look at 'infinity' style dresses, there's loads on etsy within your budget. They are made of heavy stretch fabric and can be wrapped a million different ways, so I'm sure you could find a suitable and flattering way of doing it, perhaps with a bandeau of the same fabric worn underneath?

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