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Has anyone got married in Gibraltar? Advice needed.

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ThePartyArtist Mon 14-Apr-14 11:55:43

We're planning to get married in Gibraltar in 5 months time. I wondered if anyone's had experience of the registry office there? Although we're not marrying in the office itself, it'll be with the same Registrar. I am getting a little anxious as so far I've only had verbal communication of our date and time. They don't reply to emails (the first one came back with an automated response saying I was in a queue, and subsequent emails haven't even had that.) I spoke to someone on the phone (reluctantly as it costs 90p per min from the UK!) who told me she was not trained in using email! I have also spoken to the registrar and confirmed the date and time verbally, and emailed the necessary paperwork but not heard anything back. I know they may be very busy but I am getting nervous as we're booking flights from the UK, photographers, restaurant, drinks reception etc. all without having the actual ceremony in writing! Have others had experience of Gibraltar registry office?

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