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Stressing about my wedding - what do you think?

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psychicpaper Fri 11-Apr-14 10:29:44

Having read the how to piss your guests off thread I am worried people will hate my wedding - FWIW its next weekend so not much can be changed now.

Civil ceremony at 3pm only two readings so shouldnt be too dull
Afterwards outside for photos, everyone has to go outside as the room will be being turned for the meal.

If its raining it will be a nightmare, but there is a small sheltered area where drinks are being served.

Then inside for the meal, followed by speeches, then dessert.

Then we will push the table back to clear a space for the disco.

I have some party bags for the kids, should I give them to them when we go outside for photos, or have them at dinner

Does it sound like it will be terminally dull and our guests will get pissed off?

everygalaxy Fri 11-Apr-14 13:43:49

Try not to worry but I know it isn't that easy! I veer between worrying people will hate it and thinking it is my day they can take it or leave it. My lovely Godmother (and chief wedding planner) said that I should just worry about me and STBDH and people are very welcome not to come or leave at any point - the people that really love us will just be so happy that we are getting married they won't notice anything else.

You are feeding people, giving them drinks and they get to see you get married - I'm sure they will all be having a lovely time. Rain is always a possibility but in April the showers usually blow over quickly - could you get some pretty umbrellas e.g. heart ones for fun photos & shelter?

I would think the kids bags might be best for the meal/speeches when they start to get a bit restless. We are giving out colouring books at the start of the meal.

Enjoy the run up and I wish you a lovely, sunny, stress-free day thanks

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