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Celebrating with grandmother when I return from wedding abroad?

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ThePartyArtist Mon 07-Apr-14 11:20:10

I'm getting married abroad with just my and my partner's immediate family (about 12 people in total). I know my grandma will be disappointed there's no big wedding (though to be honest even if there were, she wouldn't be able to travel to it so it'd be impractical unless we had it on her doorstep). My partner and I would like to mark the occasion with her on our return, so she feels included. I thought of maybe visiting her on our way home from honeymoon and going out for lunch or afternoon tea. Can anyone think of any other suggestions for making her feel not too left out, and marking it with her? I did wonder about a skype link for her but that's not going to work as we'll be outdoors without wifi and she has no internet connection.

PearlyGrey Tue 08-Apr-14 15:00:34

Do you have other relatives who live near/are close to her? Who won't be going to the wedding either? On the day itself could you encourage them to go visit and maybe take some bubbly and cake round (paid for by you) at about the time you're getting married so she can toast the happy couple, plus if the relative has a smart phone you could text a few pictures of you getting ready, the dress etc so she could see them on the day?

I'd also call her on the day, it would only take five minutes - just call, tell her how it went and that you miss her/wish she was there but you can't wait to see her after your honeymoon, take her out for lunch and show her the pictures.

canyou Thu 10-Apr-14 22:09:15

may not be what ye want but my friend married abroad and when she came home invited about 20 people and had her marriage blessed by the local priest in her Grandmothers house. she had bubbly and cake for after and all the family oldies were happy and got to see the actual wedding pics that day. it was really lovely.

CMOTDibbler Thu 10-Apr-14 22:13:51

My grandparents couldn't travel to our wedding, so I made them a cake in the same colour scheme as the main cake, and posted it to them with a silk flower corsage and buttonhole, plus a bottle of bubbly, and their neighbour took photos of them toasting us with their cake and flowers.

Mum sent them photos asap, but of course these days you could email pics to someone and get them to go round with an ipad to show her

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