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Opinion please... Wedding abroad invite wording...

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ElBombero Sun 06-Apr-14 23:02:11

We are sending you this note, explaining our wedding plan. We'd love you to be there and we're hoping that you can.

We're getting married in xxxxx, somewhere nice and hot. We wish we could pay for you but it would be quite a lot.

For this reason we are asking you to bear our date in mind, so if you'd wish to join us we'd think it awfully kind.

We realise it may not be possible for everyone to come. And understand if you cannot attend as it maybe a hefty sum

We are going to tie the knot on xxxxx and hope you can be there. But if not please don't worry as we'll also be celebrating here.

We will be sending out the invitations & finalising the details & such. We will keep you updated on the info and we'll be in touch.

ElBombero Mon 07-Apr-14 12:37:22


nkf Mon 07-Apr-14 12:38:40

What are you asking?

MirandaWest Mon 07-Apr-14 12:39:55

I think the poetry would irrationally annoy me. Where (ish) and when is it happening and how much would oeopkd realistically need to pay to be able to go? The line about we'd love to pay but it would cost a lot would annoy me as it's your choice to get married abroad and so you obviously need to realise not everyone would be able to afford it.

Overall don't use poetry I think grin

nilbyname Mon 07-Apr-14 12:40:20

That is horrific. Do not send a poem.

MirandaWest Mon 07-Apr-14 12:40:43

Have just realised you might have received the invitation. In which case my response is similar but don't feel guilty if you can't afford it smile

Lilaclily Mon 07-Apr-14 12:42:25

I'd just send out invites at the time

you could send out save a date cards with a line saying the wedding will be in xxxx place and you'll undersntad if people can't come

but no poems are needed

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Mon 07-Apr-14 12:42:29

the "poem" is dire grin

SirChenjin Mon 07-Apr-14 12:45:35

No need for a poem - just send out the invitations and explain that you know that some people won't be able to attend.

I presume you've checked that all the people nearest and dearest to you are able to come, and aren't having to do without in order to attend? Or are you paying for them?

JoyceDivision Mon 07-Apr-14 12:45:42

Thank you for your invite, but the poem is ratherfarty

Can we wait til you get back and have a post-do party?


thank you, thank you

ElBombero Mon 07-Apr-14 13:15:26

Awww I thought it was cute!!! Spoil sports

RayPurchase Mon 07-Apr-14 13:35:28

Just send a normal invitation to the people who you want to be there. If they can/want to come they will. Don't say 'I understand if you don't its patronising and sounds like you don't really want them there.

RayPurchase Mon 07-Apr-14 13:35:58

And that poem is dire!

DelGirl Mon 07-Apr-14 13:39:37

I assume invites are for close friends and family, the poem's not that bad people, lighten up ffs.

ElBombero Mon 07-Apr-14 13:50:29

Reason I'm not waiting till invites is I know a lot are talking of next years hols and will be booking in a few weeks when prices come out...

SirChenjin Mon 07-Apr-14 16:20:33

So - your wedding or the family holiday of their choice?

RayPurchase Mon 07-Apr-14 16:57:57

In that case I would just do a standard save the date card "we are getting married on x date in x location, Save the date".

nilbyname Mon 07-Apr-14 17:04:18

Just do a save the date card, no poem!

ZenGardener Mon 07-Apr-14 17:05:37

It almost reads like you don't want people to go.

Don't do a poem. Don't mention money. Dint waffle.

Just say we are getting married in place X on date X, hope to see you there!

Creamycoolerwithcream Mon 07-Apr-14 17:08:20

It's an awful poem that keeps mentioning cost. If people are told a wedding is going to be in xxxx they can work out that's going to cost quite a bit. It's hard to know if you actually want people to go.

giggly Mon 07-Apr-14 17:17:53

Sorry not cute at all. We married abroad told our close family, none of whom could afford it, was Australia, fair enough,nor any of our friends from the Uk. Some in OZ came though which was lovely. We took it as read that as it was our decision to do this there was absolutely no expectation that anyone would use their money or leave to come to our wedding.

We had a lovely family meal for the oldies and an evening reception for our friends.

My lovely friend is getting married in the UK this month and sent us an invite, more so that we can have one as opposed to flying home to go, she is really not expecting me to fork out a few grand for her wedding. ( although if I had it I would love to go)

I just don't get the " we are marrying abroad and would love for you to join us at your own expense mind" confused

Hulababy Mon 07-Apr-14 17:20:42

No to a poem.

Are you thinking of sending out lots?

As it is abroad I am assuming it would be a much smaller affair - so maybe talk to everyone instead. Tell them your plans, and the dates - and just let them know they are welcome to join you and be part of the wedding if they would like.

Then more formal invites for those planning on coming with official dates and timings, and then separate invites for the "at home" celebration.

tattychicken Mon 07-Apr-14 17:23:01

Really really don't like it.

Awful sorry.

ElBombero Mon 07-Apr-14 19:13:18

No not family holiday or my wedding! Why not both? FFS

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