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oh ffs it's started already

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tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 01:48:03

Me & DP decided to get wed after 15 years and 2 dc together. I asked him to marry me weeks ago. He said yes. I told him he had to ask me. He thought I was joking. This is how it goes with us. SLOW.

Anyway, we talked about it tonight. I have family tensions so want to keep it small. My thinking is a wedding big enough to contain the family tensions would be too expensive. He thinks a small wedding would piss people off. I want a small, high quality wedding with only the important people there. He wants a big, cheap wedding with everyone and their dog there.

We will kill each other before we get anywhere. Any words of wisdom?

LadyCybilCrawley Wed 26-Mar-14 01:56:16

1. romantic weekend away with small wedding with only best friends (ie. 4 of you) - otherwise known as eloping

2. big party when you get back

LadyCybilCrawley Wed 26-Mar-14 01:57:16

oh, and congrats grin

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 16:28:53

I was so pissed last night I only just remembered I posted this! grin

Thanks LadyCybil. I do like the idea of eloping. Want to make it special for the dc though. Not to the extent of getting wed in Disneyland though.grin

LadyCybilCrawley Wed 26-Mar-14 20:35:45

Ah take the kids with you - have a candle lit ceremony on the beach / places of choice and have them there with you

LadyCybilCrawley Wed 26-Mar-14 20:36:59

Wish I had eloped - all these years later I still hear all the drama over truly pointless things hmm

JoyceDivision Wed 26-Mar-14 20:39:04

take dc, go to registry office, have mahoosive party for every man and hs dog in afternoon!Any family dramas are neither here nor there as they haven't spoilt the ceremony as they've not been there!

curiousgeorgie Wed 26-Mar-14 20:50:29

I got married abroad with only our very closest friends and family there, then had a big party when we got back.

It was amazing. Best holiday ever and absolutely no stress.

tulipsaredelicious Wed 26-Mar-14 23:16:17

Great suggestions, everyone, thanks. I'm torn between eloping with the kids, DTD and then bog off for a fantastic family holiday, or as Joyce suggests, having a mega party in a local hall.

Although we've been together for years, I don't want to look back on it and feel it wasn't special. DP would be happy to nip into any old registry office and get back to work straight after. I know I'm going to have to conjure a little Bridezilla magic at some point. grin

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