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Trying to cut the cost of our wedding! any tips?

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joggingonwardandupwards Wed 19-Mar-14 11:26:22

So DP wants a "posh" wedding. I want it cheap, quick and simple so we're going to have to compromise.

DP likes a venue on the marina which charges £1500 for ceremony, breakfast, evening reception, DJ, buffet and bridal suite for the night.

On top of this we'll have to pay the registrar to come and marry us (£300). My mum is buying the cake.

I've seen a dress for £70.

Now, if I get rid of the wedding car, how do I get there? I can't just turn up in taxi surely?

Any other tips or ideas?

Sleepwhenidie Wed 19-Mar-14 11:33:59

Why not a taxi? I walked to my wedding, 5 mins round the corner from our house so that was easy grin. Or if you have a friend with a nice car, ask them to drive you?

Get a friend to do photos, or if a professional, don't buy their album, just ask for pics on a disc so you can make your own.

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Wed 19-Mar-14 11:38:54

If you book a taxi and specifically tell them it's for a wedding some of them can arrange a fancy car and take off the taxi sign. Or ask around any of your friends who have a nice car.

DIY as much as you can.

Nocomet Wed 19-Mar-14 12:05:00

We just used the two nicest guests cars.

A DF of dad's Merc for me and my uncles siver ford sierra for the bridesmaids (which meant the flower girl was with her dad)

DH and the rest of his lot walked as it was his village church and his parents was just up the road.

Everyone walked to the reception as the church hall is by the church gate.

Buffet and reasonably, if interesting shape cake.

I'm lucky to have family who would win the sewing bee without trying, one who did it for a living and the flower girls DM who sewed as well just for fun. So that was female dresses sorted.
Men just wore their own best suits.

Flowers came from the huge wholesale grower up the road, turned out she'd do boquetes (sp) too so we save a bit on florists markups.

We were students so there were no favours on tables, fancy hall decorations or unnecessary frills.

I did my own make up, hair was a nice young hairdresser DMIL found, no practice just french plaits on the day, Veil and shoes were the cheapest I could find and the flowery combs in everyones hair I did when I should have been revising.

sneakyday Wed 19-Mar-14 12:07:19

We had some silver taxis. They were lovely and they put ribbons on for us. I smile every time i get into a cab now.

chickydoo Wed 19-Mar-14 12:29:30

That seems very reasonable 1500
For a wedding.
Did you mean 15000 now that would be a lot!
But 1500 for venue, food DJ seems a good deal to me

Zzzzmarchhare Wed 19-Mar-14 14:11:19

We grew and did our own flowers- grass and large flower in poundstretcher £3 vase looked very expensive.
We did button holes and my flowers too- bit that was too time consuming.
We did our table planner on power point ourselves then got it printed as a poster at a university print shop then nailed it to a bit of wood.
Good luck!

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