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Announcing engagement to close family by email?

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ThePartyArtist Mon 17-Mar-14 16:19:57

To be honest I feel a little bit silly writing this but I’d appreciate people’s advice.
I am just wondering how DP and I should let our families know we’re engaged. None of them are local to us so it wouldn’t be face-to-face. If I’m honest I would feel a bit nervous ringing my family because I anticipate not much of a reaction from my parents (we are very close and chat about lots of things. And they like my DP but are non-plussed on marriage, having been together 35 years but never been married themselves. I could never see them jumping for joy with excitement when one of their daughters announced an engagement – e.g. when I have told my mum about good friends getting married, she never expresses excitement, just a bemused ‘why?’ and I think I’d be quite upset / embarrassed to get this reaction from them). One of my sisters I’d be excited to tell on the phone but I would dread telling the other one as she dislikes DP. As for DP’s family, I think we’d get a more excited / congratulatory response however he doesn’t have the sort of relationship where they chat on the phone much. Would it be strange, or inappropriate to email them all to announce it – something along the lines of ‘that way everyone gets to hear at the same time, and we haven’t yet told our friends because we wanted to let you know first’? Or is an email announcement really weird? If it makes any difference, I should perhaps mention that we’re not expecting anyone else to pay for the wedding but are really hoping to have a small do with both families, in DP’s home country. I’d be interested to know what others think.

oscarwilde Mon 17-Mar-14 17:20:54

My sister told me by text. Didn't bother me at all. I think lots of people do that.
I wouldn't say anything about paying for it but if you plan to have two local weddings, then it's always a good plan to give an idea of your planned timeframes if it's within the next year. You'll get hassled for further details almost immediately though if it is.

LongPieceofString Mon 17-Mar-14 17:39:45

Ring your favourite sister and she will get all excited and it'll be lovely! Then email the miserable ones. Congratulations!!!

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