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Making a wedding special for the bride

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chanie44 Mon 17-Feb-14 08:58:02

My cousin and his lovely bride are getting married this year.

It's a small wedding (50 guests) and most of her family and friends won't be coming as they live in another country -they will be having another ceremony in her country a few weeks after the uk wedding. She won't be having any bridesmaids as it's not something they have in her home country.

She will have her mum with her, but her mum doesn't speak any English so communication will be impossible.

I would like to act as 'unofficial bridesmaid' and be around to help her out if needed, but in a very low key way.

She's not really into the hen party thing, so I suggested we go out for a meal, which he's happy with.

What types of things would be helpful to a bride at their wedding?

GertyD Tue 18-Feb-14 12:41:20

My bridesmaids have so far done the following, which I have found invaluable:

Helped (forced me) to have a make up session and bought me make up.
Offered critique on dresses/hair.
They are ensuring the reception venue is decorated and ready beforehand.
Listened to all my bollocks with patience, interest and virtue.
One will hold my phone/money etc on the day.
The other is ensuring the guest book gets signed.
Made me feel beautiful.

Hope that helps!

specialsubject Tue 25-Feb-14 19:33:17

someone to carry tissues, lipstick, phone as wedding dresses don't have pockets.

beyond that, she's marrying the love of her life (at least I hope so). What else does she need?

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