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Something special I can do as bridesmaid

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AmericasTorturedBrow Wed 12-Feb-14 05:18:42

I'm bridesmaid to one of my best friendship July, yippee! Her sister is MoH and she has one other bridesmaid. I live abroad so while I've been on the end of the phone when she needs to moan, giving input when required on our dresses (obviously basically saying anything she chooses is gorgeous and I'm so honoured I'd wear a bin bag if she asked me)...MoH and I are organising hen do which will be a weekend in London (where they and most friends live) with a variety of activities so hens can pick and choose and budget accordingly (eg sleepover and movies Friday night, not sure Saturday yet but want to do something cowboy/line dancing themed, push lunch Sunday when Mothers join)

But I'm aware I'm far away so am limited in my usefulness and won't be massively around immediately before the wedding, though DH amd I have booked a B&B nearby the night before so we can be on hand first thing...what special thing can I do or arrange to make her day? Was thinking I could turn up in the morning with champagne and strawberries, or maybe ore soak strawberries in champagne as getting ready snack?!

I only had one MoH and she was awesome, made sure I ate before the wedding and didn't drink too much, got me ready....spent the night before drinking not too many cocktails amd sharing my last secret fag. I don't want to step on her sister's toes as she's very involved in all the planning, but want to help or add a bit extra in whatever way I can

Any thoughts? Also any ideas for hen! We'll prob book a bit of a spa treat but she'd be bored doing a full day. She's quite tomboyish, into marshal arts, adores her cowboy boots, we want to do something a bit different but not too expensive and def involve dancing Saturday night....

redcaryellowcar Wed 12-Feb-14 05:25:51

you sound very thoughtful, i think best part of my lower key hen party was that my husband to be had called the restaurant and ordered and paid for two bottles of champagne to be brought to the table on our arrival! i wonder if you could organise a Cake/'Cupcakes/ cake pops for dessert after the Sunday Lunch, there is a lady near me who has a company called harrys pop bakery and she will make bespoke cake pops to pretty much any Design,maybe even cowboy boots?

AmericasTorturedBrow Wed 12-Feb-14 05:45:39

Ooooh that's a sweet idea....I'll literally be flying In straight to hers for the hen weekend (off an 11hour flight) so something I can organise in advance and don't have to bring with me would be ideal

Knowlee Sun 16-Feb-14 18:30:12

I did my sister a photo album of her life so far with lots of funny and sentimental things about sisters. I'd contacted family so had some pictures she'd never seen. I left some pages "to be continued" and caught her last week adding pictures of the wedding and her children.

We had a great time on the morning looking at it and reminiscing.

I also bought her and a bride I was subsequently a bridesmaid for a bottle of perfume of their choice. A brand new one to them, then every time they wear it they'll be reminded of their wedding.

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