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Package or DIY?? Is DIY much cheaper?

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SlaughteredWriter Mon 03-Feb-14 07:58:24

So we've seen a package deal for £1995 including ceremony room and set up, wedding breakfast, wine, champaign, evening reception, buffet, DJ and bridal suite. The last wedding I went to incorporated a ceremony in the reg office and reception at their local pub. Would this be much cheaper? Is it "cricket" to bypass the wedding breakfast? Do many couples just return home after their wedding rather than staying somewhere overnight?

SlaughteredWriter Mon 03-Feb-14 08:08:17

Also, I realise getting married in reg office would be cheapest option but is it weird to get married in the same place his first marriage took place?

Ragwort Mon 03-Feb-14 08:17:45

I don't think I'd want to get married in the same place my DH got married the first time around - I was in the same situation as I had been married in our local register office so we chose a different one the next time grin.

You can spend as little or as much as you want on a wedding, we just had the ceremony and took five people out to lunch. Job done.

Having said that, the package sounds reasonable but check absolutely everything before agreeing. (Plus VAT??)

LadyFlumpalot Tue 04-Feb-14 08:46:32

I'm skipping the "breakfast" going straight from an early evening reception to the booze and dancing! Going to stick a buffet out with jacket potatoes etc. Doing it like that as I cannot be doing with the politics of the sit down meal. I absolutely refuse to have a top table or any sort of table plan.

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