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How cheap can you have a "nice" wedding?

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Staryy Thu 10-Apr-14 18:04:47

I'm doing mine on £1k - getting married in August. We're getting married at 2.30pm so we're only having one buffet etc x

MsAspreyDiamonds Tue 28-Jan-14 22:21:14

Vestry house is a lovely venue in Walthamstow with a beautiful walled garden & function room perfect.for summer parties.

sleepingdragon Tue 28-Jan-14 22:00:54

Some friends of mine got married on a weekday afternoon, at a country hotel/wedding venue. Guests were given a glass of champagne, and there was a bar people could buy more drinks if they wanted. We all left by about 6pm, and left the couple to enjoy their hotel room with a hot tub and a special meal alone.

MsAspreyDiamonds Tue 28-Jan-14 21:54:41

Sign upto costco or a cash & carry so you can buy big catering multipacks of food & drink for a fraction of the price of going to the supermarket.

MsAspreyDiamonds Tue 28-Jan-14 21:50:32

Buy your rings in the sales so you can afford to buy something a bit more expensive but within your price range.

Start selling stuff on e-bay/car boots sales that you do not need anymore to generate extra cash to supplement your 1k budget.

for eg. I recently sold some gold bracelets that I inherited for 2k. If you set your mind to it it is amazing how much you can raise.

Open a high interest, fixed term notice account where you can save specifically for your wedding.

Cancel Christmas gift s this year, just buy small token presents if need be.

Cancel your annual holidays.

Cancel hobbies/subscriptions for a year

Have a late afternoon ceremony (4/5pm) so you can invite everybody to the wedding ceremony & reception afterwards. That way you have one set of catering costs so you can feed everyone. My friend did this & avoided paying an additional 2k for a buffet.

This is a good site to help you budget for the wedding

ItsATIARA Tue 28-Jan-14 17:50:59

Depends whether you've got access to a nice cheap venue (village hall or huge garden for marquee) where you can BYOB and prevail upon family members to do the catering.

ProfondoRosso Tue 28-Jan-14 17:48:35

*Keep your guest list to close friends and family only, and forget about 'traditional' wedding things like fancy cars and favours, which are not important.

Organising a good old party for a select guest list can be done on £1000 can't it!*

Agree with overmy. I bargain hunted right, left and centre for my wedding and called in a lot of favours.

We were married in my local Catholic church, and the priest told us that, as it was our church, there was no need to make any donation. This was very, very kind, but we gave him £250 in the end, as we could afford that.

My dress was £140 from Ben de Lisi at Debenhams and it was bloody gorgeous, if I do say so. grin Shoes £14 in Debenhams sale.

One bridesmaid, my DSis - her dress was £50.

We hired a lovely municipal hall, which wasn't too dear. It was a bit shabby, but a lovely old Victorian building, and we loved it.

DH's friend DJed for us in exchange for DH DJing at his wedding.

I made our invites in the letterpress room at my old art school, and the technician wouldn't take any money from me, as I'm an ex-student.

A friend did us a great buffet at mates' rates.

Just call in as many favours as you can and don't be fooled by hotels/venues trying to sell you 'packages' as they will rip you the fuck off!

overmydeadbody Tue 28-Jan-14 17:42:17

Think of it as a big party and organise it that way.

Apart from paying for the registry office and licences, you just need to give your friends and family a good time, and that is not dependant on cost (as long as there is food, warmth and drink! grin)

Keep your guest list to close friends and family only, and forget about 'traditiona' wedding things like fancy cars and favours, which are not important.

Organising a good old party for a select guest list can be done on £1000 can't it!

WearyEyedNurse Mon 27-Jan-14 16:58:59

I'm just wondering just how cheaply you can have a nice wedding?

I'd be happy just going down to reg office and having a party afterwards but I think DP wants something a bit more traditional. We are on a strict budget however (as cheap as pos!)

I know you can get the license and ceremony for less than £200 - so in theory, that's all the wedding "needs" to cost ... any tips for making a cheap wedding special/unique? Say upto about £1k if pos?

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