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£5k wedding

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BulletForMySandwich Fri 24-Jan-14 09:40:09

I'm turning to you lovely ladies here to help me plan my wedding grin
We're hoping to get married next June on a Saturday because we don't want people worrying about taking a day off work and also we don't want a lot of last minute cancellations!
So I was thinking
10am - ceremony at registry office - £268 (+£70 notice of marriage)
10:30 - ceremony finishes and we all have photos (about 50 guests at ceremony so all close family/friends) - £500 photographer
11:30-12 travelling to reception venue (local village/scout hall) - hoping to find a friend with a nice car?!
12:00 - BBQ cooked by caterers - £750
- also there would be a pay bar (mobile bar) pub prices but we would but a welcome drink for everyone - hoping to have about 80 at reception @ £1.50 each = £120

But what can I do for evening food?! I would say to everyone bring a plate but if most people will be at ceremony where will it all be stored or would they drop it off in the morning?
I think the hall will provide chairs and tables but I don't remember blush
I'm not worried about wedding favours - they just get forgotten anyway!
I'm going for an eBay dress so probably about £100-£150 but I want four bridesmaids, where can I get super cheap bridesmaid dresses?!
eeeek there's so much to think about!

Stripytop Sat 25-Jan-14 08:38:04

Do you have a friend/ relative who can do the photos for you? You could then spend that money on catering.

Inthebeginning Sat 25-Jan-14 08:55:02

we had a budget wedding £2500 all in. We had a photographer who we paid a set amount for that included something like 6 photos and then paid extra per photo. I gave a list of photos I wanted so I knew I'd get them.
I got my dress from monsoon sale, bridesmaids from a sample sale.
our favours were mini eggs as it was easter and name tags were brown parcel tags with butterflies punched out.
We had a carvery for the meal and then did our own buffet. (Could you do fish and chips? )
we did our own play list and linked it in to the surround sound.
We hand made our decorations or bought from hobby craft.
for a recenct birthday I asked for jam jars, tied wire round and put tea lights in. We hung these in the trees.

good luck!

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Sat 25-Jan-14 09:07:45

I'd definitely have the ceremony later if possible. Can you imagine as a guest trying to get ready and arrive at a wedding at 10:30am?! Nightmare.

We had ours at 2:45 (last wedding of the day on at a Sat at Register Office) then did photos for about 30m then fleet of taxis to the venue a couple of miles away. We had Prosecco and canapés until 5 then sat down for dinner (a hot buffet). We did speeches about 7 I think. We had more food (tapas) around 9 which was much needed - our guests were a thirsty lot and made the most of a free bar!

I decorated the venue with ikea bits and bobs and we had ikea vases with gypsophilia on all the tables. It was bonfire night weekend so we also had sparklers on the roof garden.

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Sat 25-Jan-14 09:08:44

Oh yes, and the photographer was £140 and took around 90 pictures. We then paid £250 for the image rights and have created our own albums etc.

BulletForMySandwich Mon 27-Jan-14 08:39:16

Eek thank you for all your advice! Why does it have to be so complicated shock

Lj8893 Mon 27-Jan-14 08:48:38

We are getting married next summer for £4k-£5k.
We are having our ceremony at 3pm, so won't be eating untill about 6pm (hog roast) so we arnt too worried about any food for later, however we are going to make our own Buffet up (only small) to have about 10ish. We did consider m&s buffet platters though, they are about £20 a platter and you would only need a few of them.

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