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Engagement ring- does it come to bed?

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JessieMcJessie Tue 14-Jan-14 11:17:33

So, we chose the ring together and it arrived yesterday and I have been having fun twiddling it and catching sight of the sparkle every now and again and getting used to how it feels on my finger. But I realised last night that I'm not sure if I should take it off at night for bed. DP says he's never slept with an engaged woman before so he wouldn't know grin. Kept it on last night but was very conscious of it and a bit uncomfortable. Do you take yours off?

Mumwithdilemmas Tue 19-Jan-16 17:01:59

I never remove mine it has great sentimental value as it was my fiancé late mother's.

Kel1234 Sun 13-Dec-15 14:54:39

I got engaged in January 2015, and married in April 2015. I wear all three of my rings all the time. I wear my plain band wedding ring first, then my eternity ring, then my engagement ring.
But I've always worn rings from a young age so I'm used to them. So wasn't weird for me at all.
I never take them off, as personally I feel that would be disrespectful to my husband and my marriage. I'm proud to be married and wearing my rings shows the world this. My husband is exactly the same.
I've always worn all my jewellery all the time, it's part of who I am.

MarlowsDiamonds Wed 29-Apr-15 13:33:56

It will not affect the rings quality whether you decide to take it off or not. It is designed to with stand.

JemimaPuddlePop Fri 24-Apr-15 19:26:18

The only time I take my wedding and engagement rings off is when I'm using fake tan.

Shower, bath, swimming, decorating...they stay on.

TheRestofmylifeiswaiting Thu 23-Apr-15 21:48:04

I only take mine off to make dough. I would 100 per cent lose it if I regularly took it off. 9 years later I'm pretty used to it. Got a paper cut at work a while back just where my rings sit so had to take them off,'ended up forgetting them at work and having to be without rings for a fortnight holiday and having to ring into work from the airport to ask my colleague to put them in the safe.

ParkingFred Thu 23-Apr-15 21:44:45

I rarely wear mine, or my wedding ring.

I wear my eternity ring 24/7.

My engagement ring's quite er, blingy - I might wear it for a special occasion.

cashmerecardigans Thu 23-Apr-15 21:37:02

I never take any of my rings off, I sleep, shower, swim in them. Same with my diamond earrings. A lovely jeweller told me that swimming was a great way to keep diamonds clean. If they fit well they won't come off.

SoupDragon Tue 07-Apr-15 20:06:14

I use the ring from a tin of spam.

CMOTGilbertBlythe Tue 07-Apr-15 19:09:45

Are all the linky posts from the same spammer, do you think?

LemonYellowSun Tue 07-Apr-15 19:04:12

I used to take mine off but I don't anymore.

Woozlebear Tue 07-Apr-15 19:01:13

I don't have a habit really. I wear mine far more than not, but at bed time it just depends whether I have it on at the time or not. I'd never deliberately take it off for bed.
I take it off if I'm washing with soap as it makes it very cloudy, but keep it on for most other things inc swimming, gardening etc unless doing something very heavy. Equally some mornings I forget to put it back on after shower and sometimes over a lazy weekend it might stay off for several days. I feel a bit undressed without it though.

PunkrockerGirl Tue 07-Apr-15 18:56:39

I take all my rings off in the bath or shower. Not sure why, really - just habit now! Have to take engagement ring off for work, but it goes back on as soon as I'm home.

mamyg Tue 07-Apr-15 18:49:36

Oh I couldn't get used to my e ring, and here is the second month. But it is gorgeous.

marriedhappygirl Mon 06-Apr-15 17:37:16

I love my e ring, I am very happy girl and don't ever want to take it off...

Untrevive Fri 03-Apr-15 14:00:43

Never ever off my finger.

Judylowely Fri 03-Apr-15 13:41:03

Good advice with smaller ring for swimming. One year I have lost mine, and it was horrible for me. So now I am looking for a new one, again. Can not wait to put it on my finger. This is my choice
Something totally different than the first one.

hugoagogo Wed 01-Apr-15 17:14:40

Yikes is that actually supposed to be in English?tbugrin

thisadhdmum Wed 01-Apr-15 16:41:27

Ah subtle spam. I love it.

happygandb Wed 01-Apr-15 16:39:34

I wear my ring always, my dear love that, I also love his finger with his band, it is great when you see that man wear it with proud.!product/prd1/3016421071/r5670

ginmakesitallok Mon 30-Mar-15 17:36:27

Have worn mine constantly for over 20 years, only comes off if making pastry or bread.

Girllovebling Mon 30-Mar-15 17:34:13

I don't wear my ring when swimming, cooking, cleaning. It's too bad because it is really gorgeous. Isn't it?

hjc87 Wed 02-Jul-14 14:33:26

I think you should do whatever feels right- taking off your engagement ring doesn't mean you're suddenly not engaged!! However, practically, if you do take them off, make sure you put them somewhere safe. On the bedside table may not be the best place- speaking from personal experience here- as they're easy to knock off during the night if you're fumbling around in the dark for your glass of water or something!

Nunyabiz Thu 29-May-14 12:40:39

I shower before bed (and in the morning) so my rings come off before that to stop the soap getting chunked in them, and go back on after my morning shower. They get all dull and need to be cleaned all the time if I wear them at night. I keep them in exactly the same place every night.
It's nerve wracking at first but eventually you'll be more comfortable as you get used to it.

blueshoes Thu 29-May-14 12:37:27

I almost never take my engagement and wedding band off. Only in late pregnancy when my fingers swelled but that's it.

I hardly ever wear jewellery - at most statement pieces which I take off when the occasion is over. I don't even own a watch.

But my rings which are plain and discreet - apart from the lively white fiery diamond- stay on.

overmydeadbody Thu 29-May-14 12:20:03

Mine only comes off for climbing and pastry making. Other than that it stays on. I am too paranoid about losing it.

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