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Dance lessons for wedding first dance?

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WaitMonkey Mon 07-Oct-13 17:17:38

I think it would be a bit daft, it's not something I would enjoy But I'm not your brother or his partner. If it's something you think they would enjoy, then go for it. While it isn't something I'd appreciate, it is very thoughtful.

BrianTheMole Sat 05-Oct-13 21:08:40

I think it would be a great present. They could do one of those really funny first dances.

Heavymetalmater Sat 05-Oct-13 21:04:53

My brother is getting married next spring. I am at a loss of what to get him and his fiance for christmas. I was wondering if a dance lesson or two would be nice or a bit naff? I thought it may be something they would enjoy together and be useful for the wedding too. Im just not sure what they would think? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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