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I want to hear your wedding plans

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MangoJuiceAddict Sun 28-Jul-13 23:17:36

I love weddings, and its my 10 year wedding anniversary next month. But reading the wedding boards makes me jealous and I wish I could have my day again. So please feed my jealousy by telling my about your wedding/wedding plans. The more detailed the better! And answer the ultimate question: was it/will it be the best day of your life?

I'll start- I got married in a Gurdwara in a traditional ceremony, my DD was just 15 months old and we had hundreds of guests (I knew about 50 of them, but it made for a great atmosphere). I wore a beautiful Lehenga. The reception was at a very nice hotel where we had traditional bhangra music and LOTS of alcohol- an open bar and bottles of spirits placed on each table. The food was super yummy. It was a great day but I didn't really understand what was happening and I spent far too much time trying to introduce myself to guests and ensure everybody liked me. Was it the best day of my life? No, the birth of my DD was the best day of my life but my wedding was great and I wish I could relive the day grin.

Share away!

overmydeadbody Tue 30-Jul-13 08:54:50

Well mine isn't for another year but I am not expecting it to be the best day of my life! grin There will be too much work involved for it to be that. What I am planning for, and hoping for, is a really fabulous knees up with all my closest friends and family, with lots of laughter and good times grin

craftynclothy Tue 30-Jul-13 09:25:04

I got married in the church my parents were married in (and I was Christened there). We had to go at least once a month for 6 months to be allowed to get married there as it wasn't mine or my parents parish church.

The week before it poured down. 2 days before the wedding the campsite near the church was evacuated because of flooding. Luckily though it dried up the next day and was lovely sunshine on the actual day. The photographer and one of the cars got stuck in traffic. Everyone insisted on me getting ready in plenty of time and then wouldn't let me have a bacon sarnie for lunch because I had my dress on angrygrin so I was starving by the time we were fed later. There were about 70 daytime guests (mostly family, a few long term school friends and uni friends) and a few more in the evening (local people like mum's neighbours). Everyone mixed really well, helped a bit by my parents having an evening get together the night before. We did the conga round the main street in town blush. One of Dh's friends ordered a champagne breakfast for us for the morning smile.

It was lovely. No idea about the best day thing. I feel bad saying the best day of my life was DD2's birth (dd1's wasn't so pleasant!) but I remember being really, really happy all day on my wedding day (apart from when I wasn't allowed a bacon sarnie grin)

MangoJuiceAddict Tue 30-Jul-13 12:46:29

Overmydeadbody- The planning is all part of the fun (or so I imagine, my MIL planned my wedding)! A knees up is always fun, have you chosen the location?
Crafty- Its very nice that you got married in the church your parents did! Are you hoping one of your DDs will continue the tradition? That sounds like a lovely, close day (sometimes larger weddings can feel a bit soulless IMO&E). Although the bacon sarnie thing does suck wink. I think that's understandable, a difficult birth is horrendous!

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